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Life Sciences

Advancing production to help you improve the quality of life

Realizing the mission of an innovation-driven industry

Realizing the mission of an innovation-driven industryIn the life sciences industry, you strive to maintain a relentless momentum because the problems you address are of great urgency for the people impacted. Technologies and processes need to fall in line with the ultimate objective of bettering lives.

Life sciences companies are by inclination progressive adopters of technology, but are not well served by it if they only deploy specialized, disparate solutions. That’s why Sikich delivers a reliable, scalable platform that keeps your innovation strategic and lets you connect and speed processes, simplify regulatory compliance, reduce risk, and enable people to perform at their best.

Shortening the distance from life-enhancing vision to results

Sikich works with you to choose, implement, and run software solutions that enable efficiency and transparence at any stage of your workflows. In our engagements with life sciences companies, we have assisted them in meeting their unique requirements and enabled them to achieve conditions that many businesses in the industry seek.

They include:

  • Accountability and visibility for all activities and items at play
  • Market and customer intelligence that keeps you abreast of promising opportunities and competitive challenges
  • Enablement for fast-moving, targeted innovation with measurable outcomes
  • Reliable compliance at minimal risk and without unhelpful process complexity
  • Sustainable financial practices and sound production margins even when R&D costs are exorbitant

Technology that follows the purpose of the life sciences business

In the Sikich practice, we use the foundation of Microsoft Dynamics 365, which offers some of the world’s most powerful and usable capabilities for managing production, finance, distribution, and customer relationships. In enabling the freedom to innovate and run your operation as you choose, the Dynamics 365 environment is a far cry from the monolithic solution suites of the recent past.

In the Microsoft Azure cloud, Dynamics 365 offers practically endless scalability and enterprise-level security. You can easily share collaborative workspaces among teams or with contractors and specialized talent to bring innovation home. Proceeding at your preferred pace, you can implement workloads as you like.

We imbue the Microsoft Dynamics 365 foundation with the process optimization and intelligence that helps you meet your goals now. In doing so, we draw on our decades of experience in successful technology projects and the vast arsenal of analytics and specialized solutions available on Azure.

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