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While there is no playbook for what the nation is going through right now, Sikich experts are here to provide you with the guidance and resources you need.

A message from CEO Chris Geier

Sikich’s Response to COVID-19


keep business running smoothly

In a time of crisis, leaders must prioritize their talent and continue to meet clients’ needs. Your PR strategy in communicating with clients as well as your human capital management processes for assisting employees during this time are crucial components to keeping your business running smoothly.

Remote and teleworking options

Don’t put your business on hold. Providing remote engagements for clients is something Sikich has been doing for years and we are 100% prepared to support you remotely. Whether it be consulting, software implementations, support, or remote enablement, we can help you mitigate the fallout from this business disruption.

Paid Leave

To retain your talented staff in the long-run and stay in compliance with federal or state regulations, talk to an expert about what a paid leave policy would look like for your organization.

Tax Deadline Extensions

Legislation is moving rapidly in Congress. See these updates from our tax experts in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Taking immediate action will offer you the opportunity to focus on critical aspects of your organization, such as the health and safety of your employees and their families.

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