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Discrete Manufacturing Software

Powerful support for manufacturing in the digital era

Digital Transformation is More than a Modern Buzzword. It is a Critical Element to Your Growth and Path Forward

As customers’ needs change, competitors emerge to challenge you from anywhere in the world, and margins are tight as ever, the technology at your disposal is more than keeping up. It’s evolving rapidly, becoming more effective and usable with each innovation. But it takes the right mix of industry expertise and technical savvy to help you run a productive, fast-moving operation and take advantage of such opportunities as business transformation. Sikich is ready to step up as the partner that understands what your business is about and how to use the best of modern technology to realize your aspirations.

Sikich has for more than 30 years helped discrete manufacturers thrive, grow, and compete. Our clients include industrial equipment manufacturers (IEM), make-to-order manufacturers, and lean manufacturing operations. Sikich team members have participated in many successful manufacturing and distribution software implementations. Several of us have had careers in the manufacturing industry before we joined Sikich.

Sikich helps you take large strides in the areas that matter

  • Deliver outstanding customer experiences at every touchpoint while increasing the efficiency of your operations

  • Understand changes in demand and deliver what customers want, when they want it

  • Align people, systems, and processes along strategic objectives and industry best practices for an agile, digitally powered manufacturing business

  • Generate greater outcomes from your investments in industrial assets, facilities, fleets, and distribution mechanisms

  • Empower your employees and teams to achieve breakthrough productivity

Enabling the success of your discrete manufacturing model

Here is what a few of our clients say

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5 ways cloud-based ERP makes reshoring easier and more profitable

That’s right. A modern ERP system plays a central role to meet the demands of reshoring – supply chain visibility, multi-location supplier collaboration, agility to respond to changing conditions.

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Discrete Manufacturing to the max with the right tech capabilities

Success may always mean happy customers and healthy revenue, but how exactly you define and achieve it is different from one manufacturing company to another. No matter whether you want to improve efficiencies, improve production throughput, win more customers, or ensure profitable product innovation – we help you get there.

Because no solution fits all manufacturers, we have great flexibility in what we propose. On the Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform, you can choose the ERP and CRM capabilities you need, implement them at your preferred pace together with the analytics that makes sense, and away you go.

See what’s available – and what you can do with it.

World-class, expert services to realize results from technology

Assemble the Right Technology for your business

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