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It’s time to leave outdated systems behind and adopt a new way of business

Most manufacturers are struggling to compete, feeling held back by a lack of data or sluggish systems. But to craft a successful solution requires the right mix of industry experience and technical savvy. Sikich has been delivering successful solutions for industrial equipment manufacturers (IEM), make-to-order manufacturers, and lean manufacturing operations for more than 30 years. Technology can help you overcome some of your biggest production challenges, so you can grow and thrive. And we can help you use modern technology to reach your goals.

Become a productive, fast-moving operation

Whether you want to improve efficiencies, improve production throughput, win more customers, or ensure profitable product innovation, we will help you get there.

  • Deliver outstanding customer experiences while increasing operational efficiency
  • Understand changes in demand and deliver what customers want, when they want it
  • Align people, systems, and processes to strategic objectives and industry best practices
  • Generate more significant outcomes from your industrial investments
  • Empower your employees and teams to achieve breakthrough productivity

Discrete Manufacturing Software Services and Solutions

Success may mean happy customers and healthy revenue, but how exactly you define and achieve it is different from one manufacturing company to another. No matter whether you want to improve efficiencies, improve production throughput, win more customers, or ensure profitable product innovation – we help you get there.

Because no solution fits all manufacturers, we have great flexibility in what we propose. On the Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform, you can choose the ERP and CRM capabilities you need, implement them at your preferred pace together with the analytics that makes sense, and away you go.

See what’s available – and what you can do with it.

Our entire decision of working with Sikich was the people behind the name brand. They looked at our business processes and made recommendations that were spot-on.

Ben Hagler, VP

Hagler Systems

A supporting suite of services to support discrete manufacturing

Full-lifecycle services for Discrete Manufacturing

Access a comprehensive range of essential services, including ERP selection, business change management, deployment, integration, and ongoing support.

Manage Your IT systems

Simplify technology management with powerful expert support. Empower yourself to meet your top priorities, including profitability, efficiency, and customer satisfaction.

Work Smarter with Data and Analytics

Empower people in all roles to make faster, better decisions based on actual, real-time data.

Engage your Customers

Create the best possible value from your most important relationships and ensure their longevity. Bring greater effectiveness and focus to marketing and sales.

Protect your data

Find the right balance between data and application security and productivity, so your business runs smoothly. From compliance and security assessments to investigating attacks and mitigating noncompliance risks, we’re in your corner.

Cloud Migrations

Scale resources as your company grows, reduce infrastructure costs and space requirements, and access software capabilities and data at any time.

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