Modern Workplace

Modern Workplace

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Using technology available today, keep your business goals moving forward, no matter the onsite or remote work environment.

Driving transformation in how your organization works

For many of us, work has changed. Using our time and talent, we look to make a positive difference in how we serve customers, engage with colleagues, and contribute to companies. Work can happen anywhere people are, enabled by modern cloud and productivity technologies.

Sikich has for years been in the forefront of helping organizations rethink and modernize their working environments. Long before the pandemic forced companies to develop new ways of working, we helped clients take advantage of cloud and communications technologies to empower people and teams anywhere. Through many years of successful client engagements, we identified the best ways to use technology to bring individual and team talent to fruition and enable productive digital collaborations and conversations with remote work.

Structured approach to generating results from technology

We gathered and systematized our experience in a methodology and project framework called Sikich Modern Workplace QuickStart. A set of best practices and templates to enable efficient, fast-paced transformation, Modern Workplace QuickStart is a structured, predictable approach to delivering Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Phone System, Microsoft 365, and supporting remote work technology. In close collaboration with you, we plan and deliver the entire solution, help users become proficient with their new tools and assist you in preparing the next milestones on the company’s digital journey.

In a modern workplace engagement supported by QuickStart, your employees and teams receive an arsenal of tools to help them work together effectively, like instant messaging and easy sharing of video, documents, and screens. We also help you form a strategy that helps you achieve the best results from these technologies as the company grows, launches new products or services, or acquires other businesses.

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Streamlining technology and talent management

Clients usually see tangible, meaningful outcomes from a Sikich modern workplace engagement quickly, especially in the areas of managing people and technologies:

Delivering technology projects anywhere

We deliver solutions, projects, and services at client locations and virtually, and sometimes an engagement calls for both at different stages. From initial consulting and assessments, to project delivery, training, and ongoing support, we work flexibly, adjusting to your preferences and business conditions. To help you create a productive, talent-driven workplace and enable your organization to grow and evolve, Sikich consultants and skilled teams can:

“… They know the things that we’re working on, they know some of the strategic plans that we have, and they’re able to suggest some of the technology that’s out there that is beneficial to us…”

Mickey Charlton, IT Director, Cornwell Quality Tools

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