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ERP and CRM Services

Sikich has helped businesses choose, implement, update, and manage ERP and CRM solutions for over decades. When you engage with us, we learn about your business, your goals, and challenges, and help you move forward in the way you envision. Over the years, we have helped hundreds of companies in a variety of industries benefit from the best of modern business management technology.

Services to boost the value of your solutions

When it comes to major upgrades and migrations, truly enabling training, and lifetime support for your software investment, there are lots of choices and decisions to be made. We recommend handling these areas proactively, or the return on your tech investment will by and by deteriorate. To help your business generate more value from Oracle NetSuite, Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics solutions, Sikich delivers a range of upgrade, training, and support services.


We show you a better way to reach your goals and take responsibility for delivering it

Our clients are in the best position to speak to our ability to deliver predictable results. They confirm that we meet or exceed their expectations in 94 percent or more of our engagements. We are immensely proud of this accomplishment and make our clients’ experience our top priority every day we come to work.

Years Serving Clients
Client Satisfaction

“​I’m glad to know that I can rely on Sikich for their rapid response to critical issues, high quality and professional customer service, and access to subject matter experts. If I encounter an issue they cannot immediately answer, their “I don’t know but I will find out” attitude is a welcome alternative to the “we don’t do this” I’ve encountered with other companies.​”

– Rafael Manzara, Operations Manager, JCC Enterprises 

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