Cloud infrastructure migration services

Cloud infrastructure migration services

Cloud IT infrastructure migration services

Taking advantage of the scalability, resilience, and security of the modern cloud

Get a plan that is highly individualized, based on your goals and priorities.

The right time to move to the cloud

Many good reasons might prompt you to migrate your servers and system infrastructure from an on-premises environment to the cloud. To name just a few:
Sikich consultants have migrated many hundreds of server applications to the cloud. Our approach is highly individualized, based on our clients’ goals and priorities. We usually start with an assessment to identify the most promising cloud opportunities and the most direct way to act on them.

Your expert Azure partners

When your Sikich team migrates your on-premises Microsoft Dynamics, SharePoint, SQL Server, or other applications to Microsoft Azure, you can experience all the benefits of an extremely robust, secure, and resilient cloud infrastructure. You also gain access to a world of business analytics, data management, and other software tools that can help you accomplish more with your data assets and applications. Microsoft continues to innovate and invest in Azure to enhance its performance and availability. Sikich is an award winning Microsoft Solutions Partner for Business Applications of many years, with strong relationships and advanced insight into Microsoft directions. Our technology experts can consult with you, deploy, and configure the entire portfolio of Microsoft products. Often, cloud migrations are part of larger initiatives which also have us deploy modern workplace solutions such as Microsoft 365 and Teams.

Creating long-term value from custom applications

Companies may hesitate to adopt the cloud because they created their own software systems to meet unique business requirements. When these are configured for on-premises servers, moving them to the cloud seems like a daunting task. Sikich experts can prepare your custom applications for the cloud without compromising any of their special functionality. Our team modernizes and re-architects your on-premises, internally developed systems so they are ready to perform reliably and at a high level on a cloud foundation. We then perform and validate the cloud deployment.

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Case Study

Cornwell Quality Tools

After recognizing the need to move away from mainframe, custom built hardware, Cornwell turned to Sikich to migrate to Azure.

Azure consulting accelerates your cloud journey

When it’s time to accelerate cloud adoption and the pace of innovation in your business, Sikich Azure consulting services can help you move forward rapidly and efficiently. You can take advantage of three offerings to advance your cloud adoption:

Managed services to optimize technology throughout the life of your business

Following a cloud infrastructure migration, we can hand over the everyday management of your Microsoft assets or custom-built applications to your internal team. Or, you can contract with Sikich IT managed services to maintain and enhance your cloud environment as business needs change. That way, you continue to receive the benefit of our expertise in a collaborative, responsive manner. From issue-related support to strategic consulting and a virtual CIO (vCIO) as part of your team, Sikich managed services can ensure the best possible outcomes from your technology investments.

Growing with the tech community

Your data and applications have a safe home on Azure. Microsoft engineers and evolves Azure technologies to meet the most stringent requirements for cybersecurity and data protection. However, depending on the needs of your business and its technology users, you might want to optimize security and reduce digital risk.

As a managed security services provider (MSSP), Sikich is steeped in today’s rapidly changing cybersecurity threats and the ways to address them. We review your Azure-based and on-premises systems to identify and close security gaps. We can design a disaster recovery and backup strategy that keeps your users and processes productive with minimal disruption.

You can also rely on the Sikich security operations center to monitor your users, devices, data, applications, servers, and networks around the clock and act immediately when we notice a potential breach or compromise. In our company, an organization of highly credentialed security experts works hand-in-hand with the teams who take care of your other technology needs and provide IT managed services—security is always layered into everything we do and deliver.

“One of the things that Sikich has done is, they keep up with the technology that I don’t have time to keep up with… They know the things that we’re working on, they know some of the strategic plans that we have, and they’re able to suggest some of the technology that’s out there that is beneficial to us, that I wouldn’t know about, because I don’t have time to keep up with it. So, it’s been very beneficial.”

Mickey Charlton, IT Director for Cornwell Quality Tools

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