Careers at Sikich

Realize your full potential at Sikich. Become part of a highly motivated team that values individual effort and growth in an environment that supports a healthy work-life integration.

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Sikich provides various opportunities for high school and college students who are looking to learn and grow through real-life experiences in the workplace.

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Experienced Hires

We care about the quality of your experience. Our diverse and friendly environment fosters learning, creativity and the passion to grow as a professional.

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The Sikich Experience

Innovation is at the heart of Sikich. Our dynamic environment attracts top-notch employees who enjoy being at the cutting edge and seeing every day how their work makes a difference. We believe in empowering our employees.

Sikich is committed to the education and professional development of our employees. We offer a variety of programs to help employees maintain and develop skills – fostering career growth. Employees are encouraged to create new solutions and implement strategies that will help build our organization, contribute to our clients’ success and assure their own financial futures. Our employees even have the opportunity to transfer between different disciplines of the company.

Do you want to grow with us and take your career to the next level?

The Sikich Culture

Our greatest asset is our people.

Whether you are beginning your career or have years of experience, we are committed to your success and growth in all areas.

Sikich provides a positive environment focused on recognition, teamwork and collaboration. We offer remote work capabilities and generous flexible time off so our employees don’t have to juggle their professional and personal lives. We believe our people are our greatest asset and work hard to ensure that all employees feel empowered, heard, comfortable and valued.

Work/Life Integration

At Sikich, more than half of our team works remotely 100% of the time. We advocate for maintaining a flexible work schedule across our organization. This is achieved through a culture rooted in trust, support and collaboration. With online communication platforms, employees can securely connect with colleagues and clients from wherever they are.

Collaborative Culture

Find new opportunities at Sikich to not only help clients but to make a difference in their businesses and our organization’s culture. Take part in important decisions and have conversations with top-level leaders who encourage new ideas and creativity.

Career Development

Sikich is committed to the education and professional development of our employees by supporting their external learning opportunities, including obtaining certifications, attending conferences and more. Employees are also encouraged to leverage Sikich University, our internal resource that provides a variety of professional courses to further their development.

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