Salesforce CRM

NetSuite ERP



Sikich has helped businesses choose, implement, update, and manage ERP and CRM solutions for decades. We also help business with installing and managing a suite of popular productivity applications.


Microsoft Dynamics 365

Many medium and large sized companies use the cloud-based Dynamics 365. With Dynamics 365 for Finance and Supply Chain, Dynamics 365 Business Central,  and Dynamics CRM, there is a platform that will suit your business and industry requirements.

Oracle NetSuite

We are one of the top, 5-star award winning implementation partners in the United States. We’ve developed a number of solutions that get companies up and running in months that can power their operations for years to come.

Oracle Cloud – ERP, EPM, HCM

With a passion for innovation and a commitment to excellence, we specialize in helping businesses harness the full potential of Oracle Cloud technology. Our team bring a wealth of knowledge to drive your organization’s success.

Salesforce CRM

We center our Salesforce services and processes around your needs, budget and goals. From CPQ to Experience Cloud to Service Cloud, we are uniquely skilled to optimize your Salesforce investment as well as integrate with your ERP solution.


The Manufacturing Execution System (JUST MES) solution suite, which includes JUST PLM, JUST monitoring, and JUST planning, allows for full control and deep insight. In other words, just what you need.

Dynamics Legacy ERP

If you are using one of the older versions of  a Dynamics ERP system, we have experts who can take your system to the cloud.


Productivity Services and Software

When it comes to other facets of enterprise-level systems, we have the people, tools and methodologies to help you achieve your goals. We consult and implement on Office 365, Teams, Azure, and more.

IT Services

Sikich Managed Services augment your internal IT with expert skills and enable team members to spend more time on high-value initiatives. From single-issue support to strategic consulting with a virtual CIO, Sikich’s expertise and insight can help you reap the full benefit of technology to achieve your goals.


Our team has the extensive knowledge and experience to help you improve your unique security posture, specializing in compliance audits, penetration tests, computer security assessments and computer forensic investigations. We handle anything having to do with security or protecting data.

Data and Analytics Services

Data is being generated at every level of your organization. What many companies fail to grasp is how to harness that data and analytics into an actionable strategy that will drive your business forward. Our specialty is turning that data into insights that will help you reach your goals and go beyond what you thought possible.


While ERP systems grew from the manufacturing industry, it has grown to encompass all industries. Also, while there might be “enterprise” in the definition, small and medium sized business also can use ERP systems tailored specifically to their needs and growth projections.


At the highest level, ERP systems centralize critical business roles under a single program that has a consistent look and feel across all components. You often don’t get a clear picture of the specific functionality because the large number of ERP systems don’t always feature the same core features (also called modules). That said, there are commonality to a lot of the functions across the majority of popular ERP offerings.

Anything that relates to the flow of money in your company can be integrated, reported and tracked through an ERP system. From payroll to budgeting, ERP systems can handle complex financial tasks quickly and efficiently.

The people that help power the company are one of the most important resources to any company. With an ERP system, you can keep detailed information and master records of your employees while also offering time management systems and personal development.

If your company works with physical goods, keeping track of inventory and demand planning can happen within an ERP environment. You can also keep track of scheduling and logistics to keep track of deliveries and timing.

New initiatives, large or small, within a company can be visible with the project management modules to ensure the deliverables are on time.

For marketing and sales functions, CRM modules help make sense of all your vendor and client information. Keeping detailed track of relationships makes sure your clients and contacts don’t fall through the cracks and don’t feel valued.

ERP systems house incredible amounts of data from different areas of your business. What does it all mean? That’s what Business Intelligence and Reporting can tell you. Aggregating, slicing and dicing the information can provide invaluable insight into the operation of your organization and the elements that make up the whole.


In no uncertain terms, ERP implementations are a risk. When you make the decision to purchase and integrate an ERP system in your company, you need to make a series of other decisions that ultimately decide the success or failure of the entire project. Depending on how well your company plans and prepares for large undertakings is a barometer for how well the implementation process will go.

For instance, will your company implement a cloud-based solution or something you can host on-premise? What stakeholders do you need to align with the project goals? What vendor and partner will you work with to make the process go as smoothly as possible? Can you articulate the future of your business so you don’t lock yourself in something that won’t grow with your projections? How long can your employees be without access to critical systems while the changes happen?

The implementation process is a lot of asking questions and finding answers before the heavy lifting of committing the workhours it will take to get the system off the ground and operational.