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accounting, tax & audit services

Our willingness to go above and beyond by developing best practice solutions, coupled with intrinsic expertise accounting, tax and audit/assurance services, is the center of our core values.



We help our clients understand “what could be,” help them set priorities, and take responsibility to deliver digital strategies from ten discrete solutions practices that span from the back office to front office.



Sikich exceeds ‘status quo’ with a range of solutions in specialty areas, such as business succession, wealth, human resources, supply chain, PR, marketing, forensic & valuation, and more.

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Entrepreneurial Insight for a Clear Path to Success

Today’s businesses are comprised of many dynamic layers. In the fast paced day-to-day operations of your organization, it can be challenging to find a clear path to success that aligns and supports each individual component. Sikich offers clarity to all the dimensions of your business through a uniquely crafted formula of professional services and entrepreneurial insights.

From accounting and assurance to technology and advisory, we combine subject matter expertise with the real-world experience we’ve gained as entrepreneurs and industry innovators to strengthen your business – enabling you a clear path to success.

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What has technology done for you lately? If there’s any room for improvement, we put our skills to work and translate your agenda into tangible results and a solid tech ROI.

To deliver the performance and productivity benefits you want, we combine our knowledge of industries and business models with what we know technology can do. When we’re done, you’ll see the difference in your practices and processes.

Whether you want to deliver great customer experiences or simply operate more efficiently, your Sikich consultants make it easy.

Optimize Your Technology

One of the biggest challenges in the workplace today is attracting and retaining talent. Sikich’s HR Recruitment & Onboarding service fosters relationships and connects candidates to well-suited positions within complementary work environments and cultures.

Organizations seek individuals to engage, explore and invent better solutions for their clients. Individuals crave fulfillment, growth opportunity and empowerment for personal and career success. Sikich recruiting services connects the two by: providing its network with up-to-date, well-suited openings as they become available and sharing job opportunities through Social Media or email.


You don’t have to settle for what other companies are doing. There are many ways to take to the cloud, and we’ll help you find the one that helps you realize the outcomes you’re looking for.

Sikich has helped companies benefit from cloud technology since before cloud became a buzzword. We draw on an arsenal of best practices and practical approaches, using the cloud infrastructures and solutions that best fit your business.

The security and computing power of cloud resources are only getting better. It’s time you took advantage of it.

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The financial and personal investment you have in your business should be leveraged and protected to provide you with the legacy, peace of mind, and financial freedom you desire. Business succession/exit planning provides a means to achieving your business and personal goals.

From determining who will be your successor to defining how much you will need to retire, and what is next for you – Sikich advisors will work with you to create an exit planning roadmap for every stage of the business lifecycle, to ensure maximized value and minimized taxes for abundant financial freedom.


There may come a time in the life of your company when it’s no longer in your interest to deal with software, servers, and other technology. Could it be now?

For several decades, Sikich has assisted companies in offloading tech chores, so they could focus better on serving customers and generating revenue. With our help, you produce better outcomes, without the distraction.

Sikich knows how to take your business beyond its current state. You can let us handle all of your IT, or just a high-priority part of it, like disaster recovery, virtualization, or strategic planning. Your call.

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With the uncertainty and rapid reform often surrounding tax and accounting regulations in the U.S. and internationally, organizations rely heavily upon trusted advisors for financial guidance.  Sikich prides itself on its proactive mindset and innate foresight that affords clients to face their unique challenges in the world today, and prepare for the possibilities that lie ahead.

Sikich’s level of expertise, thought leadership and senior involvement in the tax and accounting realm makes us a unique partner that can deliver confidence and solutions to ensure your financial stability and success.

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While each company is different, your industry and markets present conditions that deeply affect your people, your customers, and the way you work. They may be out of your immediate control, but you can turn them to your advantage.

Sikich experts work with you to fine-tune business technology to fit industry-specific requirements. We work from a perspective of decades of experience and insight into emerging trends in industries, markets, and tech.

Our teams include former execs in some of the world’s most valuable industries as well as technology wizards who can expand the horizon of technology.

Optimize technology for your industry
The practice of outsourcing finance and accounting functions continues to boom among companies seeking to streamline processes and drive efficiencies – whether that is within a department or across the company as a whole. Outsourced services typically deliver cost reductions within payroll accounting, accounts payable and accounts receivable, but companies are increasingly interested in moving from relatively basic transactional processes to more strategic functions, like budgets, forecasts and internal audits.

With Sikich, our Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) team consists of professionals who can lend expertise to make processes and technology run more efficiently through the simplification of sound financial and accounting processes – resulting in more information, more service and more cash.

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When regulation and quality standards are increasingly stringent and malicious actors come up with new threats to your data and applications every day, it’s time to beef up security and streamline compliance.

Sikich teams are always abreast of evolving regulatory mandates that impact your industry. We also keep up with the trends and tools involved in protecting your digital assets from cyber criminals, attacks, theft, and corruption.

Security and compliance can be major resource drains. We help you realize both in the most economical manner possible.

Boost Security and Compliance

Today’s ERP systems are a huge improvement over the monolithic product suites of the recent past. Sikich is at home in this territory and will make sure your ERP doesn’t hold you back.

With experience from many hundreds of successful deployments and a clear view of ERP providers’ roadmaps, Sikich collaborates with you to ensure a low-risk, economical, and efficient path to modern ERP. You’ll love the difference.

If you ever felt ERP could be better and easier, you were right. But it took a while to get there. Let’s show you how that could help your business thrive.

Consider your ERP opportunities

“If you are a values-based organization as we are, you really want to find a partner that fits within those values and is going to look at problem-solving the same way you do as an organization… Sikich really rose to the top in that particular dynamic.”


“The experience and support we got from Sikich was irreplaceable.  They understood the pains and processes of our stakeholders and took the anxiety out of putting our data in the cloud.”


“If there is ever a specific question that requires more attention, there is always someone within the group that has the expertise to provide reliable answers.”

Jim Flaugher Farms, Inc.

“Sikich helped us select and implement our warehouse management system which has saved time and money, and made life much easier on our CFO.”

Clarke Corporation

“Excellent work on both our audit side and consulting side.  We have used Sikich to assist in the recruitment of an IT Manager and to perform a compensation study.  Both were completed on time and on budget and were both of tremendous value to our organization.”

Village of Addison

“Sikich has the breadth and depth of knowledge to get the job done in the best way possible.  They understood how to tailor solutions to our people and processes.”

Generator Systems LLC

“What impressed me most was Sikich’s exceptional level of partner participation in working through issues.”

Richland Center Foundry LLC

“Sikich provides great service, knowledgeable staff, and are always very responsive to our needs.  They keep up on current changes (GASB) and really are experts in what they do.”

Glenside Fire Protection District

ERP Comparison Center

We’ve taken the difficulty out of selecting the right ERP solution so your company remains competitive and your career remains intact. Through a collection of on-demand videos and comparison tools, take your ERP search to the next stage.

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Tax Reform: Tax Planning Strategies

Tax reform brought about many changes for businesses and individuals alike. Our Tax Reform Headquarters and our expert tax advisors help you make the most of these changes and offer tips for minimizing your tax liabilities and maximizing your potential savings.

Explore Tax Resources

Retirement Plans for Your Employees

Employers take on a greater fiduciary role, which is outlined in the Employee Retirement Security Act of 1974, the Department of Labor and the Internal Revenue Service. Compliance with these regulations, when combined with managing a plan that serves the best interest of employees, can understandably be overwhelming.

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Manufacturing & Distribution

Manufacturers and distributors measure success through three key outcomes – growth, innovation and operational excellence. And although these success criteria remain consistent, the means to attain them are undergoing a transformation.

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In agribusiness landscape can be unpredictable. You are susceptible to many factors beyond your control—new programs, grain prices, demand for crops and highly seasonal cash flow. Our agriculture focused advisors have a deep understanding of the industry and can help you plan for today’s challenges and tomorrow’s successes.

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Construction & Real Estate

The uncertain economy continues to pose many challenges for the Construction and Real Estate industries. While you can’t predict every aspect of the market or economy, Sikich can provide the expertise, tools and insights to help protect your business so it’s ready when new changes arise.

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Today, NFPs struggle with the mission-driven challenges surrounding their donors, resources, and sustainability, while the daily operational requirements remain constant. At Sikich, we focus on the “business” of your not-for-profit organization so that you can focus on your mission and the community you serve.

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Regardless of your budgetary constraints, the different – and at times – conflicting demands of multiple constituencies, or the implementation schedules of new regulations, our government services team provides a full range of high quality, timely services to ensure you meet your goals.

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Private Equity

Sikich offers a complete investment life cycle of transaction advisory and managed services focused on the needs of private equity funds, their key stakeholders and portfolio companies.

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