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Once you have chosen the CRM or ERP solution that you want to bring into your business, the next critical decision is the selection of the partner to help you implement the software and ready your organization to achieve the best possible outcomes from it.

Sikich has served as the CRM and ERP implementation partner in hundreds of projects across a variety of industries. Some of our clients are large companies and well-known brands, others are cutting-edge startup innovators, and many are highly successful, growing businesses that keep economies humming without always being known well outside of their industry.


7 critical considerations in choosing an implementation partner

Your implementing partner can make or break your project. It’s important that you find the best possible match to complete an effort that can be transformative and set directions for years to come. What should you look for in you CRM or ERP implementation partner? Obviously, technical expertise is important, but some other considerations are just as critical. Here are a few that tend to be important, but sometimes overlooked:

1. Availability

Do you get to talk to business and technical experts as well as executives? Do people make time to listen to you and discuss your concerns? Do they respond in a timely manner when you pose a question?

2. Culture

Does the partner’s workplace culture resemble your own? Do employees seem content and committed?

3. Chemistry

How do you feel after a meeting with the potential partner? Would you welcome extending the experience through a possibly complex and challenging implementation?

4. Empathy

Do company representatives communicate in terms you find meaningful? Do they respond well to questions from your executives as well as employees in your business groups?

5. Perspective

Does the company understand your industry and business model? Do you get the sense that they appreciate the particular challenges and opportunities you experience?

6. Values

What can you learn about the company’s corporate values and ultimate goals? Do they complement your own vision and mission?

7. Record

Does the potential partner have customer references to share, and are any of their customers willing to discuss their experience with you?

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You’ll Want Sikich onboard for your CRM and ERP project

Why should you work with Sikich as your CRM and ERP implementation partner? Complex software implementations always come with challenges, but we know how to keep them on track in a low-risk, efficient manner. What’s more, we don’t disappear at the end of the effort. We can be your go-to resource as long as you’re in business and use the technologies we implement and support.

Here are 10 important reasons why it makes sense to work with us.

  • Sikich takes the time to understand your concerns, priorities, and processes. Before we execute a winning project, we will review your processes and challenges to ensure CRM and ERP software helps you become a more successful organization.

  • In collaborating with Sikich, you enjoy strong executive support and leadership. Your Sikich executive sponsor is always available for strategizing and consulting with your leadership team.

  • You benefit from focused, goal-driven scope and project management with clear communications and firm commitments.

  • Our project managers, solution architects, team leads, and technologists work collaboratively with you team. Our focus is on enabling you to take control of the solution.

  • We follow a best practice-driven, well-proven implementation methodology that incorporates and refines the Microsoft Sure Step approach.

  • You remain in control through each step of the process. Solution design and fit/gap analysis are always subject to your validation and sign-off. We’ll work with you to ensure the right fit.

  • We follow the solution standard as much as we can, keeping customizations at a minimum. That keeps your costs and IT workloads under control.

  • When we perform data migrations or implement integrations between CRM and ERP and your other systems, we make sure business needs, not technical convenience, drive the outcomes. Here, too, we work to an efficient standard as much as can be done.

  • We provide you with complete user documentation for your roles and processes, and train your key users and team leads to be proficient and comfortable with their new software tools.

  • Your solution is rigorously tested for routine, common workloads and to verify its resilience and security under the most demanding circumstances imaginable.

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