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ERP & CRM Implementations

For over 30 years, Sikich as served as the CRM and ERP implementation partner in hundreds of projects across a variety of industries. We focus on delivering business performance, not deploying software, so if we don’t have a solution fit for your company, we’ll let you know up-front and introduce you to someone who does. Our clients are in the best position to speak to our ability to deliver predictable results. They can confirm that we met or exceeded their expectations in 94 percent or more of our engagements.

Working with us

Sikich has over 200 dedicated ERP and CRM consultants with deep technical, functional, and industry expertise to help you achieve your short-term and long-term business goals. We hire the best and the brightest talent, who take pride in their commitment to delivering business outcomes and have multiple training and certifications to prove it. We have long-standing relationships of collaborative innovation with the teams at Microsoft, Oracle NetSuite, and Salesforce, using best practices for modern software implementation, applying modern tools and methods to get you up and running quickly and reaping the business outcomes you desire.

Case Study: Hagler Systems

Hagler Systems is a manufacturer that provides services to dredging, mining, and oil businesses. See how they went from a paper trail business process to an advanced implementation of Microsoft Dynamics AX that allowed them to grow and scale for increased business.

What You Can Expect

We understand that choosing to implement a new business solution is not an easy decision. Often, your career is on the line if the project does not deliver the desired results, and Gartner estimates that 55-75% of implementation projects end in failure.

At Sikich, we’re focused on mitigating your risk and delivering transformative results. It can be a little painful at first, as change is never easy, but when you engage with Sikich, you deal with senior business leaders that are highly-regarded experts in their respective areas of focus. You can expect us to partner with you throughout your implementation project on your road to digital transformation.

“They clearly understood our business from a financial and process perspective. They had the manufacturing expertise and the systems integration experience. And the Sikich team also provides training and support, so we didn’t have to deal with multiple vendors. That was huge. We’ve made Sikich our trusted advisor and now we look forward to a long, happy relationship with them.”

– Steve Drown, Controller, Flintec, Inc.

ERP & CRM Solutions We Implement

Handling Every Aspect of Your Implementation 

We cover all the bases of your ERP or CRM implementation project.

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7 critical considerations in choosing an implementation partner

Your implementing partner can make or break your project. It’s important that you find the best possible match to complete an effort that can be transformative and set directions for years to come. What should you look for in you CRM or ERP implementation partner? Obviously, technical expertise is important, but some other considerations are just as critical. Here are a few that tend to be important, but sometimes overlooked:

1. Availability

Do you get to talk to business and technical experts as well as executives? Do people make time to listen to you and discuss your concerns? Do they respond in a timely manner when you pose a question?

2. Culture

Does the partner’s workplace culture resemble your own? Do employees seem content and committed?

3. Chemistry

How do you feel after a meeting with the potential partner? Would you welcome extending the experience through a possibly complex and challenging implementation?

4. Empathy

Do company representatives communicate in terms you find meaningful? Do they respond well to questions from your executives as well as employees in your business groups?

5. Perspective

Does the company understand your industry and business model? Do you get the sense that they appreciate the particular challenges and opportunities you experience?

6. Values

What can you learn about the company’s corporate values and ultimate goals? Do they complement your own vision and mission?

7. Record

Does the potential partner have customer references to share, and are any of their customers willing to discuss their experience with you?

Learn More About ERP Systems We Support

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Getting ERP Right

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