Optimize your solution ecosystem investments

Don’t allow your technology infrastructure to lag behind your company’s goals. Leverage Sikich’s experience gained from dozens of NetSuite implementations for Life Sciences organizations like yours to avoid common pitfalls and pave your way to success.

SuiteSuccess for Life Sciences Enables You To:

System Administrator for Life Sciences

The life sciences industry drives life-saving innovations every day. These organizations’ mission-critical work is supported by an IT backbone designed around research, development, and implementation. Therefore, the life sciences industry cannot afford to have a software breakdown that impinges on a product launch, FDA approval, or a compliance audit. The Sikich NetSuite System Administrator for Life Sciences (SAL) service gives you a full-service, dedicated consultant, backed by our life sciences support team.

Our focus is on four critical software post-implementation areas in the NetSuite line of products: Application Support, System Administration, 404A/404B Compliance, and Continuous Optimization

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Support your company from concept to commercialization

Concept | IPO | Clinical Trials | Commercialization

No matter where you are in the lifecycle of your business, get your company up and running on SuiteSuccess for Life Sciences in as little as 8 weeks.

The solution provides a financial system that can quickly scale as you progress from concept, or start-up to commercialization. Integrated with many popular procurement tools, like Coupa, SuiteSuccess for Life Sciences gives you everything you need to succeed, quickly, affordably, and without substantial investments in IT infrastructure. Choose to implement the full solution during your initial engagement or opt for a phased approach as your organization matures.

Think ERP is too big for your Pre-Revenue Life Sciences Company?

Many life sciences companies, especially in the Concept or pre-revenue startup phase, think that ERP is too costly, or too complex for a business of their size. However, in just a matter of months, these same companies often find that using Excel spreadsheets or accounting solutions like QuickBooks are just not working and/or keeping up with the growing demands of their business.

Moving to an ERP solution, like SuiteSuccess for Life Sciences, sooner rather than later helps eliminate compromises and bottlenecks before they interfere with your mission.

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Considering an Equity Event?

Now is the time to drive the culture shift to act and operate like a public company well before the IPO takes place. Make sure you build in a grace period to give your organization the ability to ramp up its systems to support the new requirements that come with being public. If you haven’t invested in an ERP solution tailored to the life sciences industry, now is the time to start evaluating systems.

Does your management structure support your approval matrix? Does your current system support the segregation of duties required for SOX compliance?

With over 150 implementations and counting, our team is well versed in helping life sciences companies on their path to going public as well as helping you through the process of building simple, scalable controls to reduce audit pressures. SuiteSuccess for Life Sciences supports both scalability as your organization grows and segregation of duties, even as your transactions grow more complex.

Our ideal scenario is to follow the path of establishing a strong ERP solution, like NetSuite, giving users time to adopt that new system, layering in the controls after the organization fully defines them, and then enabling system adoption of those controls.

What does your commercialization roadmap look like?

Are you planning to stay in Research & Development, outsource manufacturing to a Contract Manufacturing Organization (CMO), build product manufacturing capabilities in house, or do you have an exit strategy in mind?

No matter what your decision, SuiteSuccess for Life Sciences, built on NetSuite can help get you one step closer to your goal. With built-in manufacturing capabilities, it’s flexible enough to support many different inventory management scenarios, Work in Progress (WIP), procurement and tracking and traceability. manufacturing and order management capabilities. If you’re planning to sell in-house, NetSuite has built-in CRM capabilities, and Sikich has a Salesforce practice if you’d prefer to go with a best of breed approach.

Staying on track with your NetSuite implementation

When life sciences companies engage with Sikich to implement NetSuite and SuiteSuccess for Life Sciences, they rely on the industry and technical experience of a successful consultancy with a long list of loyal, satisfied clients.