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Data is being generated at every level of your organization. Every company understands this. What many companies fail to grasp is how to harness that data and analytics into an actionable strategy that will drive your business forward. Our specialty is turning that data into insights that will help you reach your goals and go beyond what you thought possible. 

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Starting with the right strategy

The overall success of your business begins and ends with how well your teams are meeting their objectives. When partnering with Sikich, we will work with you to deliver a data and analytics strategy plan that acts as the roadmap to transform your data into a strategic asset fostering a culture driven by data.

Thorough SWOT analyses will uncover areas of opportunity and weakness. Data mapping will catalog your data assets to business processes to facilitate streamlining. Finally, get transparency with finding and naming data owners across your entire company. 

We can help you

Automate business processes intelligently

Using the data you have in customer services, supply chain, and finance, automate processes you’ve long through impossible to automate. 

Augment staff decision making

Sales and marketing, customer service, and product development can benefit from decision making and interaction support. 

Enrich customer experiences

Make every interaction with your customers count with greater, more meaningful levels of personalization. 

Maximize customer value

Pinpoint relevant products and offers for your customers and deliver them at the precise time. 

Generate an Omni-Channel

Condense all your customer’s engagement into a single omni-channel for your organization. 

Increase Productivity

Marketing attribution can get a boost from sophisticated AI-enabled attribution. 

Technology fit for you

There is no shortage of technology to parse through data and spit out information. Often, companies will choose multiple systems to aggregate data, but that leads to the same problem: scattered information across the organization. We take the time to select the right technologies that will put you in the driver’s seat without needing extra steps. 

Actionable Insights

to Drive your Business forward

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Find opportunities in your data

Here's how we Leverage generative AI, Machine Learning or deep learning for our clients

1. Set and Understand business goals

We work with you to understand your goals, processes, and challenges. That will help our team identify areas of where generative AI and other machine learning tools can be used to improve your organization. 

2. Data and infrastructure assessments

Even if you have data stored, it’s not always ready for machine learning tools. We’ll take the time to assess the quality and quantity of data to make sure you’ll get the most from AI.

3. Identify specific opportunities

When all the groundwork is done to ensure the alignment of business goals and current data landscape, we’ll identify specific opportunities for AI and machine learning. That might involve using existing applications or brainstorming new ideas.

4. Implementation Roadmap

We will lay out what resources are needed and timelines for implementation.

5. On-going support

Once the implementation is complete, there might be training, troubleshooting, and future improvements might be needed. Our teams have the capabilities to make sure your system will keep running as anticipated. 

Use cases for how generative AI can help:


  • A manufacturing company could use generative AI to design new products that are more efficient and cost-effective to produce. 


  • A healthcare company could use AI to develop new drug treatments or improve the accuracy of medical diagnoses. 

How mature is your data driven enterprise?

Embracing a data-driven business strategy is no longer the exclusive domain of large enterprises. Leveraging our experience working with Fortune 500 companies, we are able to take that same approach to empower mid-market businesses with top-tier data and analytics strategy solutions.

Spreadsheets / “Spreadmarts”

This is where companies start. Basic, source data is ungoverned at departmental levels and all that information is stored in familiar spreadsheets. 

Data Lake / Warehouse

A centralized repository of data from a number of sources is often the next level data driven enterprises achieve. Large amounts of data sit waiting to be analyzed to support decision making.  


With a store of raw, processed data it’s important to implement controls to keep the data meaningful to your organization.

Master Data Management

Even with strong data governance, problems with duplications, inaccuracy or incomplete data can arise. With Master Data Management (MDM), these problems are accounted for and reconciled.

Big Data + External Data + Social Media

Companies at this stage will be on their way to being able to predict “what will happen next.” Using various sources of ever-changing data, organizations will have the ability to see what changes will make ripples and what will make waves.

Advanced Visualization

Enriching the sophisticated data in an easy to understand format will help those at every level of an organization find valuable insights. Complex data laid out visually provides clarity to strategic business choices.

Embedded Analytics

Shift the question from “what will happen?” to “what should we do?” At this stage of a data driven enterprise, data should be able to develop possible solutions to questions about meeting goals and key objectives. 

Machine Learning + AI

When the foundations are set, it’s possible to automate an untold number of tasks. 

Unlock your Data's potential

Get started on the journey to data-driven success. Contact us to learn more about our Data and Analytics Opportunity Assessment, and together, we'll chart a clear roadmap to harness the full power of your data.

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We will leverage our business acumen and data and analytics expertise to:

In order to:

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"We were able to generate information that gave the decision makers and the operational side, the ability to preplan and understand their process flows going forward."

– Mike Sanders, Director of Information Technology at MCIA


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