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What is Wealth Management? Wealth management entails coordination by our experts to address your needs and wants, take better control of your wealth accumulation and wealth investments, and maintain keen insight on the preservation and risk mitigation tactics and financial investment strategies needed to capture your financial freedom.


Essentially, our approach as wealth advisors is very client-centric, and our goal is to improve a client’s “return on life” – rather than focusing solely on improving a client’s “return on investment.” Whether you want to meet financial goals in two, five or even 20 years, our wealth management firm and expert advisors can create a suitable strategy for your lifestyle goals.

How We Manage Wealth

Fundamentally, this entails a discovery process with our advisors to determine not only how much money you will need, but also what kind of lifestyle you hope to maintain, along with any philanthropic and charitable efforts you hope to pursue.

Our discovery process focuses on understanding your personalized goals and developing a customized wealth investment strategy centered on financial planning and asset management that can make your life’s aspirations a reality – whether that’s lifestyle-centered, family-guided, business-centric, retirement-focused, or legacy-inspired – Sikich advisors offer the expertise and guidance in wealth management and retirement management services to attain your wealth goals.

Your Team of Experts:
Addressing Your Needs and Wants

Our team of credentialed, highly-trained, and experienced advisors are committed to a holistic philosophy of controlling financial futures.  We take your vision, and create and manage your unique wealth equation, so that you may enjoy your financial freedom.

The Wealth Management Equation

Sikich utilizes a dynamic Wealth Management Equation to help clients achieve their life goals and safeguard their financial futures with confidence and commitment.

Investment Consulting

Sikich performs an evaluation of your unique ability, willingness, and need to take an investment risk.  We will create an investment strategy for a path defined and communicated by your comfort level and needs to help you manage your wealth.

Relationship Management

Your advisor is committed to you.  Our discovery process focuses on understanding your personal goals to develop an individualized wealth plan and drive your financial investments.  We work in harmony with your entrusted professional advisors, including family members, closely-held business interests, attorneys, and other investment advisors.

Advanced Planning

As trusted advisors, we offer investment solutions rather than investment products throughout your wealth management life cycle.  Our expertise in handling complex financials and tax matters – cash flow planning and projections, college planning, financial planning, estate planning, business succession, asset transfers and protection, tax efficiency, charitable giving, etc. – can be invaluable to enhancing and protecting your wealth accrual.

Enhance Your Wealth Equation With Sikich

As a national, Top 30 Certified Public Accounting firm, our wealth advisors have the unique ability to provide clients with the insight and management needed to evaluate expenses and minimize taxes, further enhancing your wealth equation.

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*Investment advisory services offered through Sikich Financial, an SEC Registered Investment Advisor. 

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