Contract Research Organizations

Clinical Trial Management That Stands Out from
the Competition

Shorten start-up times for your clinical research studies by eliminating manual spreadsheets once and for all. SuiteSuccess for contract and clinical research organizations (CROs) allows you to unify clinical applications to improve visibility and oversight across the organization in one software platform. Now you can automate inefficient manual processes, from bid to bill, and deliver more quickly and more profitably than your competitors.  

Unify Operations and Accelerate Study Start-ups

Your delivery quality and efficiency depend on how well your processes align with your technology capabilities. SuiteSuccess for CROs delivers an integrated software suite to help you streamline and automate clinical trial start-up activities for a higher level of predictability, quality, and speed. It supports the complete bid-to-bill cycle, providing real-time visibility and control for every study, location, and entity. By connecting sales, finance, and operations, SuiteSuccess for CROs provides a single source of truth that facilitates better communication and awareness of upcoming work so you can execute studies faster and achieve the best possible client outcomes.

Business-driven Transformation Made for Your Industry

At its core, SuiteSuccess for CROs delivers a library of standardized business processes that incorporates industry best-practices and industry expertise. We work with you to assess your processes and identify any inefficiencies, risks, user challenges, upcoming changes, or obstacles to future growth. Instead of simply managing the status quo, we partner with you to transform your organization for the better through your new technology investment. Based on your CRO needs and current environment, we align the right solution capabilities by leveraging the leading providers of cloud ERP and CRM software, Oracle NetSuite and Salesforce. Whether you want the entire solution environment upfront, or prefer a phased approach, our team works with you to minimize disruption and deliver a solution within your budget and timeline.

Discover Sikich’s SuiteSuccess for CROs

Accelerate your study start-ups, streamline operations, and provide real-time, end-to-end visibility within one seamlessly integrated ecosystem with Sikich’s SuiteSuccess for CROs, built on NetSuite.


Your Complete Clinical Trial Management SOFTWARE Solution

SuiteSuccess for CROs software solution delivers everything you need to accelerate study start-up, streamline operations, and provide real-time, end-to-end visibility for Contract and Clinical Research Organizations. With the scalability to accommodate specific processes and growing workload requirements, SuiteSuccess for CROs delivers a best-fit solution with a low administrative overhead.

Opportunity Management

Boost sales pipeline by improving sales processes with actionable information around win rates, trends, and forecasts.

Estimating, Pricing and Quoting

Easily quote on the exact sample size, study duration, volume, tiers, and project milestones your clients ask for.

Resource Management

Gain full visibility and management capabilities of people’s schedules, skills, and availabilities to forecast staffing needs and avoid getting caught short.

Study Execution

Track testing samples, compounds and lab supplies across locations, bins/freezers, LOT, and serial numbers.

Automated Billing

Enable flexible billing and contract management. Effortlessly switch back and forth between time-based and unit-based billing. Automate invoice approvals and collection efforts.

Financial Reporting

Gain visibility into profitability and empower decision makers with actionable information.

Management Reporting

Minimize project administrative time in favor of more impactful work. Improve accountability for the performance and profitability of research studies, using custom dashboards and reports to stay informed.

LIMS Integration

Minimize data-entry and streamline business processes by integrating LIMS and other critical trial management applications for improved visibility and reporting.


Securely share project plans and documents with clients and external contributors in dedicated, cloud-based workspaces. Offer clients self-service portals to review research progress, invoices, change requests, and budgets.


Enable flawless compliance, unparalleled transparency, and painless audits and easily calculate revenue recognition.

Get an insiders perspective on your clients

Leverage the experience of a partner that knows your clients and your industry inside and out. We’ve worked with dozens of Life Sciences organizations over the years and understand their vendor management challenges intimately. Learn from the mistakes of your competitors to deliver a superior client experience that keeps your customers coming back, time and time again.


Here are the elements we bring together that make the greatest impact

ERP for CRO modules


There is a lot of value packed inside our customized solution. From increasing visibility across departments to bid-to-bill lifecycle management, Sikich for CROs built with NetSuite can be a single source of truth. It also helps facilitate better communication and awareness of upcoming work that will help you execute studies faster.