Partnerships & Alliances


Sikich has developed many meaningful partnerships and alliances, all with the goal to improve client service and performance.


Sikich strives to create meaningful accounting, advisory and technology partnerships and alliances to improve client service and performance. The following are just a few of the amazing companies and organizations in our network.


Sikich serves clients’ global accounting needs through its membership in the Leading Edge Alliance (LEA). Through LEA, an alliance of accounting experts in more than 100 countries, we bring back high-quality, global knowledge, skills and experience to our clients. These personal global connections allow us to truly understand the unique challenges and opportunities of your business no matter your geographic location or cultural nuances. This enables us to deliver the superior client service and performance you expect from Sikich. LEA is not a partnership, and independent member firms are not acting as agents of LEA or of the independent member firms in LEA.


PrimeGlobal is one of the top five largest associations of independent accounting firms in the world, providing a wide range of tools and resources to help member firms furnish superior accounting, auditing, and management services to clients around the globe. Sikich is a member of PrimeGlobal. PrimeGlobal does not and cannot offer any professional services to clients. Each independent member of PrimeGlobal is a separate firm and an independent legal entity. PrimeGlobal is not a partnership, and independent member firms are not acting as agents of PrimeGlobal or other independent member firms.


As one of Microsoft’s most elite partners, Sikich provides clients with innovative, high-value solutions from the world’s largest software company. From foundational business technology like the Microsoft Office suite to game-changing Microsoft Dynamics ERP and CRM solutions, being an elite partner gives Sikich the first-hand experience to identify and implement appropriate business solutions, and allows you to gain critical business insights and improve employee productivity.


Sikich is a Gold Consulting partner with Salesforce. Our approach to each implementation is centered around your needs as an organization. From support, optimization or customized help, we have the best practices in-place to help your company moving towards its goals. 

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Managing key business operations like customer management and financials can be a challenge. Netsuite Cloud ERP helps businesses of all sizes manage their operations in a single cloud-based business management software solution that includes accounting software, CRM, inventory management, and e-commerce capabilities.