In-Depth Tax Planning & Strategy for Every Need


Providing Solutions to your Tax Challenges

Federal Tax

Sikich’s business tax advisory professionals can help you understand how tax deductions, credits, and planning strategies for your business can help reduce your tax burden. This includes entity structuring, strategic & partnership tax planning, cost segregation studies and more.

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State & Local Tax

In order to prevent potential state and local tax problems for your business, the Sikich professionals are always monitoring judicial, legislative, and regulatory activity. These services include State & Local Tax planning, multi-state tax planning, Nexus studies, sales tax assistance & use and more.

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International Tax

Navigate international tax law and ensure compliance with international tax rules with Sikich’s expert advice, insights, and analysis. Services include inbound tax planning, outbound tax planning, cross-border tax advisory, international financial reporting standards and IC-DISC.

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Private Client Tax

Discover flexible strategies and meet your financial objectives by customizing a realistic plan with a Sikich tax advisor. Services include tax planning and consulting, tax projections, and estate and succession planning.

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R&D Tax Credits

Understanding what credits are available and what it takes to qualify can ease your tax burden and help with your company’s cash flow.

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Every financial transaction, whether you’re an individual or a business owner, has the potential to affect your tax strategy. Different types of taxation can make planning and filing challenging and staying on top of the constantly changing tax laws isn’t easy. You need professional tax planning services from Sikich to guide you through the ever-changing tax landscape. 

Helping our clients achieve their financial objectives isn’t just about staying current with changes to tax law. It also requires keeping current with their individual situations and making recommendations to take advantage of any new and existing laws. Our professionals can provide effective tax strategies, coordinated and executed based on your own unique situation. 

Though filing happens just once a year, Sikich tax consultants conduct analytical, in-depth reviews of your current tax strategy and provide ongoing communication throughout the year. We’ll keep you informed of any tax changes that may affect your situation and will provide you with recommendations that will allow you or your company to reduce the overall tax burden and proactively plan for the future. 

Analytical, In-Depth Reviews to Reduce your Tax Burdens

Sikich’s tax planning services are comprehensive and thorough. We often discover overlooked deductions, missed credit opportunities, options for deferred compensation planning, and restructuring opportunities that can minimize your tax burden. Take advantage of all of the tax incentives and credits available to you with help from a Sikich tax expert who will identify new opportunities for you and your business!

Audit & Assurance Services to Accompany Your Taxes

When it comes to achieving your financial objectives, there’s more to it than just tax strategy and compliance. All organizations face financial reporting challenges, no matter the size, industry or mission. Look no further than Sikich’s audit and assurance experts, who work closely with our tax consultants, to navigate the complexities of everything from financial statement audits, agreed-upon procedures and single audits to employee benefit plan audits. Establish trust, enhance transparency and stay up to date on accounting and reporting regulatory rules and changes when you bring on Sikich’s audit and assurance team.