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Audit & Assurance

Sikich provides audit and assurance services to entities across industries, including businesses, not-for-profit organizations and governments.


Audited financial statements provide critical insights into a business’ health and financial well-being. Owners, lenders, shareholders and investors – they all have an interest in a business’ success and their financial results. That’s where Sikich comes in. Sikich’s auditing and assurance services are designed to help you establish trust and enhance transparency through financial statements that have been compiled, reviewed or audited by a reputable CPA firm.

Accounting and regulatory requirements are always changing, which is why it is so important to have an experienced auditing and assurance team on your side. Sikich’s assurance professionals bring extensive, comprehensive experience to every client, helping them navigate and understand accounting and reporting regulatory rules and changes. Our clients receive personal attention and timely delivery of our services.

Navigate the complexities of financial reporting with help from Sikich. From financial statement audits, reviews and compilations and agreed upon procedures – to single and yellow book audits for government and not-for-profit organizations – we provide the experience and expertise to meet your financial reporting needs.

In the highly regulated environment of employee benefits, you, as a plan sponsor, must have confidence in your employee benefit plan audit – and auditors.

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Maintain compliance with the United States Department of Education, Student Financial Aid and other governmental regulatory requirements with our Title IV audit expertise.

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Highlight your strengths and boost consumer confidence with System and Organization Controls (SOC) Reports from Sikich.

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Regardless of the nature of your operations, nearly all organizations have to implement the new and complex lease accounting standards – which will dramatically change how you account for some leases. Are you ready?

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As a banker, it is your responsibility to lend with knowledge and confidence. To best protect your assets, first, you must understand your investment. A field exam, or objective evaluation of collateral through a disciplined process of risk assessment, can help solidify your lending practices.

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Developing and maintaining employee benefit plans requires considerable time, effort and resources – after all, your employees rely on benefits to secure their futures. Incomplete or inaccurate audit reports of financial condition or operations can result in plan disqualification or significant penalties for the plan sponsors and plan fiduciaries.

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Title IV Audits

As Student Financial Assistance (SFA) processing and compliance grow increasingly complex each year, the guidelines Title IV organizations must meet can quickly become confusing. Sikich is a nationwide leader in providing Title IV audits and various consulting services to private, for-profit and not-for-profit post-secondary schools and colleges, community colleges and universities.

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Whether your customers requested an independent review and verification of your internal control environment or you are considering a report for competitive reasons, our team of auditors has extensive experience and will help you to understand your reporting options.

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Lease accounting standards

As organizations are now expected to understand and follow the new lease accounting standards, it’s important to comply with generally accepted accounting principles. Our team has the knowledge, tools and resources to support you through the process.


Field examination services

Field examinations identify matters of risk within banks. Our role, as your auditor, is to ensure that we identify those areas of risk and bring them to your attention. Field exams also provide knowledge that can aid in increasing the confidence you have in your clients.


All organizations – whether a company, government entity, or not-for-profit organization – face financial reporting challenges. Sikich’s financial reporting services help you to not only meet, but also understand the ever-changing financial regulations and accounting standards that grow more complex each year. We take you beyond merely filing statements and help you stay informed about financial reporting and accounting changes.


Has your organization considered strengthening its tax planning and compliance strategy in addition to undergoing an annual audit? Sikich’s audit and assurance team works closely with our skilled tax consultants, who conduct analytical, in-depth reviews of your current tax strategy. Stay informed of tax changes that may affect your organization and receive tailored recommendations to maximize opportunity and reduce your burden when you work with Sikich’s tax experts. 

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