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Fixing Exchange Server Message Queue Error “451 4.4.0 DNS query failed”

June 20th, 2018|Technology, Tips & Tricks|

In a recent Exchange 2010 to Exchange 2016 migration, I was doing all the standard testing for mailflow after placing a test mailbox on the Exchange 2016 server. In this environment, the private and public DNS and NAT on the

How to Determine Which Version of Dynamics NAV/Dynamics GP You Are Using

June 19th, 2018|Dynamics NAV, Technology|

If you ever need to determine which version of Dynamics NAV or Dynamics GP you are currently using, here's how you can quickly find out the exact product version number of your software. This doesn't simply mean that it determines whether you

Internet of Things (IoT) – How will it affect your business?

June 15th, 2018|Technology|

The Internet of Things, or IoT, refers to billions of physical devices around the world that are now connected to the internet, collecting and sharing data. Thanks to cheap processors and wireless networks, it's possible to turn anything, from your

Worksite Investigations and I-9 Audits Expected to be a Record High this Summer: Are you Prepared?

June 13th, 2018|Uncategorized|

The spotlight on worksite enforcement and employment authorization derives from the Trump administration's multipronged strategy to stifle unauthorized immigration. In 2017, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) signaled it would significantly step up audits and raids on employers to identify

Knowledgeable Action on Your Part can Lower Your Property Tax Bill

June 13th, 2018|Uncategorized|

Many owners of farms, grain elevators and other agriculture service properties are understandably dismayed at the recent rise in assessments and property taxes, and it’s no wonder why.; for many property owners, assessments and resulting taxes have increased 35 percent

General Ledger Journal Import in Dynamics 365 With Logic Apps

June 13th, 2018|Dynamics 365, Technology|

Overview A pretty common scenario in most implementations is the need to import data. In this example, we will look specifically at general ledger data, as almost every project imports some form of General Ledger history. There are a few

How to Use Security & Compliance Center to Remove Harmful Messages From Office 365 Inboxes

June 12th, 2018|Office 365|

Office 365 has protections against phishing and virus emails in Outlook, but sometimes malicious messages slip past security measures. If this happens, it's possible to use the Security and Compliance Center and PowerShell to remove these harmful phishing and virus

Multi-Subsidiary Customers in NetSuite – Merge With Caution

June 11th, 2018|NetSuite, Technology|

The long awaited Multi-Subsidiary Customer feature has finally arrived as part of the NetSuite 2018.1 release. Like with any new feature, there are considerations to using it, and Sikich consultants can work with you to determine if this step is

Sikich Series on Tax Reform: Section 965 Penalty and Filing Relief

June 11th, 2018|Audit and Tax|

On June 4, 2018, the IRS announced a penalty and filing relief (IR-2018-131) for taxpayers who may be subject to the new transition tax on foreign earnings under Section 965. As will be discussed below, one part of the relief

How to Set Up Dynamics 365 for Operations Demand Forecasting with Azure Machine Learning

June 8th, 2018|Dynamics 365|

Dynamics 365 Demand Forecasting has had standard functionality for awhile. If you're unfamiliar with it, Microsoft has an overview of its functionality on their Dynamics 365 site. However, the following diagram also illustrates it quite nicely: Azure Machine Learning is

Sikich Series on Tax Reform: New IRS Accounting Method Guidance May Impact Construction and Real Estate Businesses

June 7th, 2018|Uncategorized|

New IRS Guidance Allows Some Construction and Real Estate Businesses to Change Tax Accounting Method to Conform with New Financial Statement Revenue Recognition Rules Accounting methods are an integral piece of tax strategy for every business, especially the construction and

New Office 365 Feature: Attack Simulator for Office 365 Threat Intelligence

June 7th, 2018|Office 365, Security, Technology|

As sad as it sounds, Sikich has been involved in many breach remediation efforts related to Office 365. Not that the infrastructure or service was compromised in any way, but that the consumers of the services were the weak link.

New Illinois “Invest in Kids Credit” Empowers Education

June 7th, 2018|Audit and Tax, Tax|

There are now greater educational opportunities for families in need with the creation of the “Invest in Kids Credit.” In 2017, Illinois enacted the Invest in Kids Scholarship Tax Program. The program gives parents the option to choose which non-public

Custom Segments and Leveraging Custom Record Functionality

June 5th, 2018|NetSuite, Technology|

NetSuite’s Custom Segment feature was discussed in an earlier blog here. This is an introduction to the Custom Record aspect of Custom Segments. Creating a Custom Segment also creates a Custom Record Type, which can then be edited to track

Speed up Your Day with New and Old Windows 10 Keyboard Shortcuts

June 1st, 2018|Technology, Tips & Tricks|

To become a master of an operating system, you must know the keyboard shortcuts. You might be an infrequent Windows user, preferring Mac or Linux environments, but find yourself in Windows often. Or you don't know about Windows 10's new

Managing Your Sales Team’s Commissions in NetSuite

May 30th, 2018|Accounting, ERP, NetSuite, Technology|

Managing your sales team’s commission in NetSuite can be done easily and effectively by adding the Incentive Compensation Module into your current NetSuite environment. An administrator can activate this feature, and immediately integrate it into your sales operations once purchased

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