Life Sciences

Software and ERP Solutions for Life Sciences

Remain lean, compliant, and efficient with powerful technology for biotech, pharmaceutical, and life sciences companies.

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Implement software solutions for life sciences that support and enhance your mission

Whether you’re heading toward clinical trials or on the path to commercialization, implement technology infrastructure that keeps pace. The last thing you need in a fast-moving industry is for your business management solutions to lag behind.
As a leading life science technology consultant, we can help you streamline operations and ensure compliance, allowing stakeholders to do what they do best: develop new medicines for patients who need them. Sikich has helped over 100 Life Sciences companies grow from pre-revenue to commercialization quickly and painlessly.

SHORTENING THE DISTANCE FROM VISION TO RESULTS with tailored ERP Solutions for life sciences

Sikich works with you to choose, implement, and run software solutions that enable efficiency and transparency at any stage of your organization’s lifecycle. In our engagements with life sciences companies, we have assisted them in meeting their unique requirements and enabled them to achieve conditions that many organizations in the industry seek.



We help you get your digital strategies in place and running quickly, no matter what stage you are in the Life Sciences lifecycle. As your organization matures and requires new capabilities, our comprehensive solutions and services grow with you every step of the way.

Work with one partner to get ERP FULL-LIFECYCLE SERVICES

Choose from a comprehensive range of essential services, including selection, change management, deployment, integration, and ongoing support.

Manage your IT easily  

Simplify technology management with powerful expert support. Empower yourself to meet your top priorities, including transparency, efficiency, and security.

Digitally transform your business 

Discover opportunities for digital transformation at every stage of your lifecycle and across departments to engage customers, empower employees, optimize operations, and transform products.

Work smarter with business intelligence 

Empower people in all roles to make faster, better decisions.

Migrate to the Cloud  

Scale resources as your company grows, reduces infrastructure costs and space requirements, and access software capabilities and data from anywhere.

Protect your data and ensure compliance

Find the right balance between data and application security and productivity, so your operation runs smoothly. From compliance and security assessments to investigating attacks and mitigating noncompliance risks, we’re here to help.


Stay ready for what’s next with AI-enabled Quality Management Systems (QMS) designed to optimize and streamline your production/manufacturing efforts. From data migration, system integration, process optimization, system assessment, design, and support, our expert consultants help support your digital ecosystem and bridge the gap to digital transformation.


Ensure fully validated, quality processes every time. From software validation to remediation, risk assessments, training, and more, our industry experts take pride in ensuring your success every step of the way.


Improve operational efficiency and connect your system capabilities with your organization’s business goals. Our tech-enabled, accelerated solutions simplify over-engineered processes through data migrations and conversions, data archival, technology-enabled automation, and user-friendly interfaces.

Are you ready for these changing times?

Everything is different –your employees are working from home, they need access to all their systems, you need clear processes, and the line between work and private life is blurring. Customer demands are changing, your supply chain is being disrupted, and more. With a cloud ERP system, you can maintain operations as usual and be ready to take on the next phase in our new normal.