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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Upgrade

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Move From Your Existing Dynamics System to the Cloud

Many companies run their operations on Microsoft Dynamics solutions they acquired and implemented some time ago. Microsoft Dynamics AX, CRM, GP, and NAV are still popular with many thousands of business users. However, as solid and robust as they are today, they will not last forever. Microsoft has found a new foundation for the Dynamics portfolio on the Azure cloud, where it is easier to evolve and innovate the technology. If you have invested in Microsoft Dynamics and your CRM or ERP solution has proven its value to the business, it may be time to map an upgrade path and make sure you keep reaping the benefits of Dynamics.

One reminder, your current versions of Dynamics AX, CRM, GP, and NAV will age out and no longer be supported with patches and enhancements from Microsoft. Even if you purchase extended support, that, too, comes to an end. Over time, it may become costly and laborious to keep your older Dynamics software alive, especially considering the alternatives.


Understanding the advantages of the cloud

Sikich recommends Microsoft Dynamics 365 as the business management platform you should adopt. No matter what your starting point is, we can help you plan the move to cloud ERP and CRM without disrupting your users and processes, with minimal risk, and very smoothly. Sikich has decades of experience implementing, upgrading, and supporting Dynamics. Helping you take the step to the Dynamics 365 cloud is one of the easier transitions your business will ever make.

In the context of Microsoft Dynamics 365, traditional ERP and CRM functionalities are no longer separated and in need of a special integration effort. They are already perfectly interoperable. You can implement the capabilities you need today and add to them as your requirements change. In the cloud, provisioning additional features is a matter of a few clicks. Deactivating them is also very simple.

In addition to the more general cloud benefits you gain, you can take advantage of the Azure cloud environment:

  • You can access advanced analytical, and data management tools that you can apply to your Dynamics data to bring greater insight and decision-making power into your business.

  • If you want to explore blockchain, the internet of things (IoT), artificial intelligence, machine learning, or other quickly maturing technologies, you can use a wealth of Azure resources to do so.

  • You find a large number of well-vetted, solid partner solutions for just about any conceivable business need.

  • The archiving, data protection, backup, and business continuity features built into Azure are some of the best in the world.

  • You can further secure your Dynamics environment with targeted cybersecurity solutions that meet your specific requirements for safeguarding sensitive data and applications.

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Adopting a new, powerful solution standard

If you have used your current instance of AX, CRM, GP, or NAV for a long time, you may have some important integrations and customizations that fit the way the business works. Moving to Dynamics 365 does not require you to give up anything. We can help you connect Dynamics in the cloud to on-premise applications and data sources, and we also can help you simplify integration management with standard, robust integrations based on best practices and standards.

When we work with you, we will analyze your current customizations, and we can often find ways to simplify your ERP and CRM environment, saving you costs while reducing IT overhead. Often, businesses can drop certain customizations because the solution standard itself has become more powerful and versatile.

Your Dynamics 365 upgrade can be fast, easy, and strategic

A Dynamics upgrade can be a great opportunity to reassess your processes, roles, business challenges, and goals, and to make sure that technology can support not just your current needs, but can also help accomplish your objectives for digital business transformation, greater agility, increased competitiveness, or global growth. Given the elasticity and scalability of the cloud, it has become much easier to optimize your Dynamics platform to suit your business’ vision and mission.

When you invite us to facilitate your Dynamics upgrade, you get the benefit of a world-class consulting organization and Microsoft partner:

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