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When you work with Sikich, you get seasoned Salesforce implementers as well as access to end to end business and technology consulting experts. We focus on your people, processes, and data to map a solution that fits your unique business needs, enables you to achieve your company goals, and plan for growth. Our Salesforce team has a full range of Salesforce knowledge and expertise, including all Salesforce clouds, related technologies, and App Exchange solutions. Creating value in every aspect of our engagements is a crucial driver for our success

Passionate Salesforce professionals develop creative, data-driven solutions that solve problems and add value for all stakeholders. We listen and learn what you truly need. Once we have a firm understanding of where you are and where you want to go, we discover which Salesforce solutions would bring value to your organization.


Salesforce is a very strategic platform for this Fortune 100, Mass Media Conglomerate. Like many companies, they leverage Salesforce beyond Customer Relationship Management and could appreciate the depth of understanding that the Sikich team has around the platform and its extensibility. The vision recognition and creative thinking provided by the Sikich team provided them with the level of confidence they need in a solution provider.

Sikich was brought in to deliver Salesforce platform best practices and architecture while providing Project Management Services to maximize efficiency. Phase one of the project will include a Lightning transition plan, functional review and documentation of the current and future state process, training documentation, and User Acceptance Testing documentation and testing plans.


Sikich has expertise in all Salesforce PaaS and SaaS products coupled with secure, tangible SDLC practices and methodologies to help you achieve revenue generation and operating efficiency. Sikich is a Professional Services Firm providing a broad array of expertise. Our Salesforce consultants are well-rounded professionals with extensive Salesforce application development experience and the soft skills required to work across business and IT stakeholders to create business capabilities that meet your needs. Our professionals have a track record of successfully delivering applications and abilities on the Salesforce platform that fully realize the client’s investment and transform their business.

While hundreds of Salesforce partners can take on your project, Sikich helps organizations transform their business.



Following a Salesforce implementation, you’ll want to make sure you’re maximizing the ROI of such a robust system. With the Sikich team, we’ll be able to help you support your internal initiatives, so you meet your goals. We can combine business process, industry, and technology expertise that will finely tune your Salesforce system, so it suits the needs of your business today and tomorrow.

If you’ve had your Salesforce system for a long time, or just went live with your initial implementation, we’re able to jump in at any point to transform your business.


Did you know pushes out software releases three times a year? Each software release is accompanied with 200+pages of release notes. If you are like most, you simply don’t have the time to read through hundreds of pages and translate that for your unique environment.

Enter Sikich Virtual Solution Architect services.

Click here to learn how we are helping Salesforce users who are not actively enhancing Salesforce to keep up with the new innovation that is provided (and you are ALREADY paying for) with each Salesforce upgrade.



With all the advancements that Salesforce and its App Exchange partners make each year to the solution, it is easy to miss out on critical features and functionality that could take your competitive edge to the next level. On the flip side, it can also be challenging to weed-out the solutions that don’t make sense for your business today or in the near term.

Sikich provides Strategic Planning services to help you make the most of your investment and stay ahead in your industry though Salesforce innovation and optimization. We stay on top of all the changes in the Salesforce channel, so you don’t have to, helping you navigate new solutions and plan for future initiatives. Before you move forward with any changes to your existing environment, you’ll have a clear understanding of the future state business capabilities, technology and architecture design and readiness, and a prioritized roadmap of implementation phases by potential impact, ROI and feasibility.