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CRM and ERP Selection

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Comprehensive Evaluations

Some companies need a comprehensive, integrated software platform for all their roles and processes from the very start, because their operations are never less than complex. Some life sciences and specialty manufacturing companies fall into this category. Others grow with disparate software tools for different activities up to a certain point, when the number of transactions, products, users, business entities, or other elements of the business requires a software environment with the processing power and control to keep the entire operation moving along productively.

Wherever you are in the life of your business, Sikich can help you evaluate and review products from leading software vendors’ solutions that combine both ERP and CRM capabilities. Our expertise and delivery capabilities focus on those solutions of which we are confident that they can enable a short time-to-benefit and which have the scalability and flexibility to support growing businesses of many different types across various industries.


Enabling the smartest decision and selection possible

ERP selections to reduce your business risks

Selecting a business management solution and committing to an implementation is a momentous juncture for any organization. If you get this right, you can position the business for years of productive operation, a strong competitive advantage, and well-directed growth. When you have Sikich on your side, you can reduce the risk of software evaluation and selection by drawing on the skills and insight of ERP and CRM experts who have helped hundreds of companies choose, deploy, and operate ERP and CRM software with outstanding results.

Understand your options

When you have the right information, you can choose among the most innovative, versatile, and economical solutions available today.

Typically, we conduct a series of meetings with your stakeholders to facilitate deliberative, selection, and decision processes. In doing so, we take the time to understand your business and ensure that your software selection is a great fit by considering all the aspects that matter, for example:

  • Current state of the business compared to where you want to go

  • Your customers today, the customers you want to reach, and the customer experience the company wants to provide

  • KPIs and growth goals a business software system needs to support

  • Opportunities for improving processes

  • Competitive threats and business risks

  • The company’s technical and network environment, including specialized, irreplaceable software tools

Start Your Selection Process

Looking to select an ERP system now or in the future?


ERP and CRM solutions that can deliver the value you look for

Both of the solution portfolios we recommend most often deliver comprehensive ERP and CRM capabilities in the cloud, which means you can benefit from the scalability, security, reliability, and economy of modern cloud technology. Both are supported by a strong vision and fully fleshed-out roadmaps for continued innovation, and both are backed by the resources of two of the world’s leading and most valuable software companies. As our clients’ experiences confirm, the usability and flexibility of these software tools is extraordinary.

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Microsoft Dynamics 365

Enablement and intelligence to generate value

Microsoft Dynamics 365 provides a wealth of operations, sales, marketing, customer and field service, and project management functionality on the Azure cloud. It has the power and versatility to be the preferred choice for companies of all sizes, in many industries. Standard editions of Dynamics 365 include Dynamics 365 Enterprise Edition for larger organizations and Dynamics 365 Business Central for fast-moving, growing businesses. Dynamics 365 integrates naturally with other Azure resources, such as Office 365 or the business analytics tools available on the same platform. Thousands of Microsoft Dynamics partners have developed solutions to extend Dynamics 365 for just about any imaginable business requirement. Sikich has garnered many Microsoft Dynamics awards, including 2017/2018 Microsoft Dynamics Partner of the Year and 2017/2018 Inner Circle for Microsoft Dynamics.

Oracle NetSuite

Power and flexibility to transform businesses and innovate industries

NetSuite is the world’s most widely deployed cloud-based business management solution. Its areas of functionality include financial management, procurement, CRM, e-commerce, supply chain management, human resources management, and others, with updates propagated through the cloud to all users automatically.

NetSuite design emphasizes simplicity, speed, and ease-of-use, and the solution can easily adjust to support unique and changing business requirements. Decision-making tools in NetSuite enable strategic intelligence on-the-fly, based on complete, current visibility of customer and operational data at any moment. In 2018, Sikich won a NetSuite 5-Star Award given to top-performing implementation partners .


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