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ERP & CRM Selection

We have helped hundreds of companies choose, deploy, and operate ERP and CRM software with outstanding results. We have professionals with decades of experience, that can dig into your business, understand what’s unique about it, and start to make recommendations.

Working with us

Choosing the right business application is a strategic decision and we partner with you every step of the way. We’ll develop a road map to define your business objectives, look at your future business plan and key business processes, and help identify areas where processes can be streamlined, based on industry expertise, as well as functional and technical knowledge of the solutions we support.

If you’re not committed to making real changes in the way your business operates, or you’re happy with the status quo, then this isn’t for you. If you know it’s time to start making business process improvements, while you’re choosing the right ERP software for your organization and before inefficiencies or vulnerabilities begin to hinder your growth or reputation, then you’ve come to the right place.

kitchen cabinets

Case Study: Private Label Kitchen Cabinets

New leadership was brought in to develop the processes and infrastructure needed to support future growth. After some initial digging into their business requirements and processes, it became apparent that the company needed assistance with their warehouse operations, specifically around warehouse setup to maximize put-away and picking effectiveness and improvement to their assembly process. Our Business Process Assessment was performed to deliver both the system and process improvements desired by our client, clearing the way for the company to move forward with the full implementation.

Our Flexible Approach to ERP & CRM Selection

All of the solution portfolios we recommend deliver comprehensive ERP and CRM capabilities in the cloud, which means you can benefit from the scalability, security, reliability, and economy of modern cloud technology. They are supported by a strong vision and fully fleshed-out roadmaps for continued innovation, and both are backed by the resources of three of the world’s leading and most valuable software companies. As our clients’ experiences confirm, the usability and flexibility of these software tools is extraordinary. If for some reason, these solutions do not meet your needs, we’re happy to help you evaluate other solutions that better fit your business goals.

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Head to Head ERP Comparisons

See how Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations, Dynamics 365 Business Central and NetSuite compare against six different criteria.

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Speed up your ERP selection process. Compare Dynamics and NetSuite solutions on your terms, against six features and functionality.

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Enabling the smartest decision and selection possible

Selecting a business management solution and committing to an implementation is a momentous juncture for any organization. You can reduce the risk by drawing on the skills and insight of our ERP and CRM experts who have helped hundreds of companies choose, deploy, and operate ERP and CRM software with outstanding results. When you have the right information, you can choose the most innovative, versatile, and economical solutions available today.

We conduct a series of meetings with your stakeholders to facilitate deliberative, selection, and decision processes. We take the time to understand your business and ensure that your software selection is a great fit by considering all the aspects that matter.

  • Current state of the business compared to where you want to go

  • Your customers today, the customers you want to reach, and the customer experience the company wants to provide

  • KPIs and growth goals a business software system needs to support

  • Opportunities for improving processes

  • Competitive threats and business risks

  • The company’s technical and network environment, including specialized, irreplaceable software tools

“Sikich approached the situation not as a software vendor but as a business partner who made us see the choice of a new software system as a strategic decision. We realized that we were not going to succeed if we merely duplicated our existing processes on a newer technology. When the time came to select an application we were now better able to evaluate the many options based on their ability to support our business goals and track our progress towards them.”

– Bill Adams, Director of Operations – Hollowick

What’s Driving Your Selection Project?

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