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Traditional Media Relations

Social media platforms get the most attention. But earned coverage by traditional media gives you valuable, implied endorsement of objective third parties.

Put Reporters on Your Side. 

Many Sikich PR counselors were reporters before they entered PR. We understand news, how journalists evaluate a story – and the paths that lead to helpful coverage.

We successfully work every day with reporters at all levels – local, national and trade. That includes general interest media as varied as AP, The New York Times, TODAY Show, The Wall Street Journal, NPR, and The Economist. It also includes a wide mix of trade media: PharmaExec, Industry Week, Institutional Investor, CIO and Information Week. We understand our role: study what interests those reporters, craft a story that will appeal; then, pitch it in the most compelling way imaginable.

Treat Reporters as ‘Best Customers’

We believe to succeed with reporters you must embrace this philosophy: Treat reporters as you would treat your best customers.

Be helpful. Be honest. Go the extra mile. Respond to inquires quickly (with due care, of course), answer questions forthrightly and in terms a layman can understand. And while you may feel unrequited love (who hasn’t felt wronged by a good customer?), the benefits far outweigh the drawbacks.

That approach can help you earn a reputation in the media as a reporter’s “single best source of news, context and information.” And it helps Sikich PR earn these kinds of kudos:

“Sikich’s skilled work is a big reason why I turn to one of the firm’s clients… Sikich understands what kind of help I need, finds the right person for me to interview and prepares that person to be a helpful resource. Sikich is a rare gem in the Comms world.”

Wall Street Journal
“(This) team knows what makes a good story… What I most appreciate is that they never promise more than they can deliver… And they always deliver the right interviews, right video opportunities (and) keen insight into whatever the story is…”
NBC Nightly News/Today Show

There’s No Magic

Successful public relations programs require hard work, creativity, persistence and a bit of luck. You have to find the story, embed the message, then match your offering to the interests of appropriate reporters. There’s no magic involved in the outcome. But with the right people creating and executing the right program, the results can be wondrous.


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