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Media Message Development

Too many company messages are inside-out. They assume the intended audiences know way more – and care way more – than they really do.

Think Headlines, not Manifestos.

Sikich PR operates on the KISS principle. We create messages for companies using a simple map. We create messages for companies using a simple map, or one short declarative sentence. For example:

  • We consult to 49 of the 50 largest pharma companies.
  • Americans deserve a secure retirement.
  • We make products that help babies bond to parents.
  • We are America’s best hospital for physical medicine and rehabilitation.
  • Industry jargon and “inside-baseball” terms are verboten.

We surround the core message with four quadrants; each one contains another simple, declarative sentence that supports the central theme. We add 3-4 finer points under each of those.

Couldn’t be simpler if we drew a picture.

Break the ‘Curse of knowledge’

In their best-selling business book, “Made to Stick,” Heath brothers Chip and Dan describe the “curse of knowledge;” something you know so well, that you can’t imagine anyone not knowing it. And they prove the point through a simple exercise: Invite a friend to join you at a table and identify a song. Tap on the table the “Happy Birthday” song, and ask your friend what you played. Nine of ten people will have no idea; the 10th will make a lucky guess.

So it goes with company messages. Too many corporate executives assume that message-receivers know as much as message-senders. They burden copy with terms understood by their co-workers, but not by their customers.

Sikich PR writers advise clients on ways to break that curse. They find the central message that is understandable, memorable, supported and reflect the character of the company. No puffery. No misdirection. No inference we’re more than we are. Just simple messages that are clear, concise and accurate.

Don’t Believe we can do it? Send Us Yours

If your message is cloudy, clumsy or suffers from the “curse of knowledge,” send it to us. We’ll clean it up, place it in our message map and return it PDQ. No risk. No obligation.

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