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New Product Launches

New products stir the company soul. They anticipate customer needs. They solve problems in ingenious ways. They create revenue. But without proper introductions, they fizzle, whither and fall flat.

Maximize Your New Product’s Trial and Acceptance

Sikich PR experts are experienced in launching a wide variety of consumer and industrial products and professional services: from backhoes, baby bottles and bionic controls, to office products, GPS system or software as a service.

We work hand-in-hand with engineers, developers and marketers to identify a new product’s unique selling proposition, its audience, its compelling message and the appropriate traditional and social media through which to tell the new story. Then we create a PR launch plan specifically tailored to that new product — one that maximizes traditional media coverage, social media engagement and trial.

Maximize Your New Product’s Chances to Succeed.

In today’s hyper-competitive markets, you must unveil new products in memorable, engaging ways. Sikich experts consider a number of factors when introducing new products or services to market:

  • What are the product’s features, advantages and benefits?
  • Is the product unique, or “me-too”
  • How will appropriate traditional media react to this news?
  • Are there social media influencers who will embrace your news and encourage trial?
  • Are there independent third parties willing to try and review the product?
  • What role will advertising play?

How we answer those questions helps determine our creative approach to the product launch.

Tactics to inform media and motivate audiences might include:

  • Press tour to visit editors, reporters, social media influencers and others who may be intrigued by the product and wish to experience it, first-hand;
  • Facebook Live video broadcast to friends and followers;
  • Special event in an unusual venue: Central Park, Hollywood Bowl, Museum of Modern Art
  • Press conference at major show;
  • Simple news release and follow-up with select reporters;
  • Mix of exclusives to select media;

Regardless of the path we pursue, the launch plan we create will be customized to maximize your new product’s chances to succeed.

Contact our product launch experts today.

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