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Social Media Relations

Social media is often the first destination your customers visit — even before visiting your website. Are you meeting them on the front lines of conversation?

Make Social Work for You

The social media landscape is vast and ever-changing. It features an intimidating choice of platforms, activities, metrics, and specialized vendors.

Sikich Social takes a practical approach – establishing the foundation of a social media presence – then testing to learn what drives real business results. Whether through ads, boosted posts, influencer partnerships, events or editorial, we look beyond engagement – to action. We’re effective by reaching the right people, with the right content, at the right time.

Relationships Tell a Story

Clients look to us as advisors and representatives of their business. Our mutual success is based on a foundation of trust. If we openly share challenges and concerns – down to what keeps us up at night – we can better care for each other and consumers.

When we are working with reporters, influencers, and others, we know that every interaction shapes brand perception. It is not enough to ask questions and make requests. We actively listen with empathy to determine what will address their needs, and reflect positively on our clients. Even when it is not the right time for a partnership, we stay in touch for future opportunities.

A strong internal structure is also crucial. Public Relations and Social Media must work hand in hand – each monitoring global trends and events, and how they impact all stakeholders’ pain points.

These components enable us to craft compelling content and experiences that spark new relationships – and action – between brands and audiences.

Creating a Truly Social Experience

It’s not just about a few channels like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn. There are over 400 social media networking sites where users connect. It’s about people, not platforms.

We take the time to research and explore where conversations are occurring, and what matters most to a brand audience. This approach results in a map of solutions at every touchpoint, instead of flashy campaigns. It makes the difference between shallow vanity metrics and rich conversations.

Contact us to see how we can help you see real results from your social media activity.


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