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NetSuite 5 star partner award for 2018

Your Sikich team is a NetSuite 5-Star Award recipient. Experience from a great variety of implementation projects and services engagements with our diverse clients gives us the leverage to help you use NetSuite to accelerate your path to success. As your business evolves, we can refine the solution to meet changing requirements. We help you minimize process and technical complexity and enable users to do their best work in the NetSuite environment. Sikich offers a number of ways for you to take advantage of our expertise and resources.

Solution optimization

The Scalability to Enable low-risk, goal-driven growth

NetSuite is designed with the flexibility and scalability to go wherever you lead. While some functionality adjustments and process changes can be accommodated in a handful of clicks, other changes may benefit from an expert touch to keep them simple and manageable. Your Sikich collaborators listen to your concerns, learn about the changes and challenges in your business, and help you optimize NetSuite to support your company’s journey. We can enter at any time, and often support clients at critical crossroads like these:

  • Goals and KPIs for financial and operational performance and productivity have changed.

  • Innovation and business transformation require updates in how you manage sensitive data and key user roles.

  • Process or the business model are no longer what they were when you first implemented NetSuite.

  • Organizational entities or business groups need to be added following a merger or acquisition.


We Partner With You

“Sikich came in and quickly learned our business. They gave us a real solution that is going to drive real tangible improvements at the end of the day. I would highly recommend them to anyone.”

Bob Breagh, CFO, Peachtree Playthings

“Sikich is a very reliable organization and client service oriented. I would highly recommend working with them in the future and for any new company who hasn’t worked with them before.”

Michelle Miller, Director of Finance, Premiere Medical Resources
NetSuite Success Story Boating Community Center

“The Sikich team came in and helped us learn, not just what we needed to do to deploy the software, but to help make us successful with NetSuite going forward. We couldn’t be happier.​”

Andy Herlihy, Executive Director, Community Boating
netsuite success story in usa case study

“Because of the flexibility offered by NetSuite and the expertise offered by Sikich, we have a type of manufacturing solution that we need to have both for this year, for the next ten, years and hopefully for the next 50 years.​”

Mike Durkay, CFO, In USA


Freeing productivity and innovation from roadblocks

NetSuite is easy to use and highly intuitive, but almost everybody, from IT managers to light users, can run into a quandary where the right assistance and expertise can save time and avoid disruption. What’s more, even highly effective users can still learn better ways of working or avoid errors. We have had thousands of interactions with NetSuite users, helping them resolve issues and become more effective in using the solution. We will also work with your IT team to assist in keeping integrations, data migrations, and other projects simple, fast, and productive. Our store of NetSuite knowledge enables us to be versatile and resourceful, so you can keep your own IT team free for higher-value assignments.

Our helpdesk coverage is flexible, depending on what’s best for your company. It can be available round the clock, for a portion of the day, seven days a week, or a part of the week. We document all the issues and resolutions we manage on your behalf, so Sikich help desk pros are always informed regarding the current status of any concern. We provide you with regular reporting on help desk usage and trends we observe. That will help identify any needs for additional user training, and it can also draw attention for optimizing NetSuite or specific use cases. If your Sikich account managers notice a helpdesk trend that needs you to make an informed decision, they will be in touch with you to discuss the options.


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Transmitting expertise and powering productivity

If there’s anything we feel we are very good it, it’s knowing how to learn—quickly and with a view toward results. That also enables us deliver training that helps you make the best of your NetSuite and accelerate the transformative and productivity outcomes from technology. We design learning and training to fit your needs, delivering one-time training events as well as ongoing training programs onsite, online, for selected users and teams. Some of the most common learning scenarios:

  • Initial and remedial training for IT managers, key users, and everybody else who needs to be comfortable and proficient in interacting with NetSuite

  • Thorough re-familiarization following implementations and major upgrades

  • Advanced training for IT and sophisticated users who support other users

  • Focused training to help users make the best of NetSuite in certain processes or to take advantage of business analytics or other tools that integrate with Dynamics


Access Quick Tutorials

Access our Suite Minutes playlist for how to videos demo videos to make the most out of your NetSuite solution.  Learn tips and tricks to help users boost productivity.  As a NetSuite customer you’ll get first-rights access to these demo videos, webinars and other online training tutorials.

User Groups and Events

Growing and learning with your peers

Innovative, risk-taking, and creative people often enjoy meeting and exploring possibilities and opportunities together. When it comes to NetSuite, you are part of a universe of valuable, fast-growing companies and visionary entrepreneurs. We are happy we can play a part in facilitating vital, professional connections among the professionals and organizations using NetSuite and providing them with a forum to share insights and experiences. On our schedule, you will always find a mix of real-life and online user groups, webinars, roundtable discussions, industry and issue deep-dives, and more. We cover a wide spectrum of concerns from strategic consideration of digital transformation, to resolving productivity and technical challenges in your operation.

Sikich events happen all across the country. We often meet at Sikich offices, where you have a chance to meet your NetSuite collaborators in their natural surroundings, as well as in conference centers or at hosting businesses.


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