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Employee Benefit Plan Audit

In the highly regulated environment of employee benefits, you, as a plan sponsor, must have confidence in your employee benefit plan audit—and auditors.

Quality Audits by Experienced and Dedicated Professionals

Developing and maintaining employee benefit plans requires considerable time, effort and resources – after all, your employees rely on benefits to secure their futures. In the highly regulated environment of employee benefits, you, as a plan sponsor, must have confidence in your benefit plan audit—and auditors. Incomplete or inaccurate audit reports of financial condition or operations can result in plan disqualification or significant penalties for the plan sponsors and plan fiduciaries.

Sikich devotes substantial resources to its employee benefits practice, which offers clear advantages to plan sponsors such as assurance of quality and an efficient audit process. Receive help from highly trained and experienced professionals, many of whom are specialists in employee benefit plan audits, administration and consulting services.

Advantages of Sikich Employee Benefit Plan Audits

Expertise Where it Counts

Your time and resources are valuable, which is why our team at Sikich approaches employee benefit plan audits in an efficient manner—reducing the time we need from your personnel and allowing them more time for their regular duties.

We Identify Risks and Offer Solutions

As part of your employee benefit plan audit, you may receive a management letter that identifies potential issues and offers solutions to adjust your practices.  You will also find a section for current trends in employee benefits and customized planning opportunities that you may find helpful.

Stay Informed

We understand our clients have varied responsibilities and keeping current with the ever-changing rules surrounding employment and benefits law can be extremely challenging. As a value-added service, Sikich provides complimentary training and insights on a variety of relevant human resource and benefits topics.

Helping You Meet Your Objectives

Our professionals are highly trained and experienced in employee benefit audits, administration and consulting services—working with more than 260 plans. Plan sponsors can rely on Sikich for professional and cost-effective services that will meet their specific objectives, now and in the future.

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