Taft-Hartley Benefit Plan Audits

Taft-Hartley Benefit Plan Audits

Timely reporting is the foundation of a successful plan. As a multiemployer, you juggle numerous plans—lean on us to help reduce risk and keep your plan compliant.

Taft-Hartley funds come with their own unique set of issues, of which our team is well aware

From health and welfare plans and pension plans to defined contribution plans and other Taft-Hartley funds, our team handles compliance from numerous angles including reporting, fiduciary and operational.

Sikich devotes substantial resources to its employee benefits practice, including our Taft-Hartley Benefit Plan Audit service, which offers clear advantages to plan sponsors, such as assurance of quality and an efficient audit process. Get a team of experts, who specialize solely in Taft-Hartley Benefit Plan Audits to help ensure your compliance and meet related fiduciary responsibilities.

In the highly regulated environment of employee benefits, you, as a plan sponsor, must have confidence in your employee benefit plan audit—and auditors.

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  • Financial statement audits
  • Payroll compliance audits
  • Preparation and review of Form 5500 & Form 990
  • ACA reporting & compliance
  • UBI tax planning


Audits are often sought to meet financial reporting requirements, but they provide much more than that. Audit procedures and the process itself can help organizations assess risk, uncover internal management issues, and provide insights and information that can be used to address business challenges and direct future plans.

Sikich’s audit services and assurance solutions provide the information you and your stakeholders need. Contact us to learn more about our services and solutions and how they can help your business position itself for success.