Salesforce for Professional Services Industry

Salesforce for The Professional Services Industry

Every day we help firms, just like yours, elevate their business and take client experience to the next level. Is digital transformation presenting challenges for you? Are you prepared for a hybrid workforce? If you aren’t confident with your collaboration and productivity tools then it’s time to talk. 


Digital transformation and client experience are two of the highest areas of impact for professional services. Sikich works with thousands of clients to identify gaps, develop a custom strategic plan and execute initiatives to bring results and a successful future. You need speedy implementations, faster outcomes and continuous evolution to maximize the value of your technology investments. This is what Sikich does day in and day out. Let’s talk.   


Case Study: ACCUSOFT

With Salesforce and Sikich, Accusoft implemented a new CRM solution that scales with the organization and saw nearly immediate benefits. Watch this video to learn the impact of Salesforce on their organization and why they chose Sikich!

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“The evaluation process that we went through to select a partner was pretty labor-intensive and comprehensive, and I would say the main reasons that we chose Sikich were the depth of expertise on the team. We really felte understood by the Sikich team. We felt like they understood not just Salesforce, but also our business and the challenges that we were facing. And we felt like the team that we would be going to battle with had such a variety of skills and expertise, and it never felt like it was going to a be transactional relationship. It felt very much like a strategic relationship and that we were working with individuals who would understand our business and help us through the life cycle of the implementation.”

-Megan Brooks, Chief Revenue Officer, Accusoft

HOW Salesforce can help your Organization is known to be flexible, customizable and packed with features needed for modern leaders to adapt to the fast-paced business landscape. It can scale from a few people up to enterprise levels, but you need someone who can guide that process with a history of successful technology implementations.

That’s why choosing a partner is the most critical step in the process of adopting a new platform or continuing to support your efforts. When you find the right fit of partner and platform, you help reduce your risks and put your plans on solid ground for the future ahead.

strengthen client relationships

Relationships are more important now than they ever have been. Your client expectations are rising and if you can meet their needs, they will move on. Salesforce brings Customer 360 to connect every area of your business with a single view of your customer. The more you know about your client, the better you are able to serve them and recognize opportunities to leverage services and solutions that they need. Identify their gaps and come with a solution. Mutual benefit and successful growth will come hand in hand. Get started on the right path today!

keeping pace with digital transformation

From Zoom webinars to CRMs, ERPs and data flow to hiring remote workers, digitizing both your workforce and client experience is critical to your success today and in the future. Ask yourself what is your current technology capable of and how can you adapt your business and processes to make the most of your technology investment? If you have Salesforce, the answers are going to be easy to come by. We dream and strategize with professional services companies every day to recognize your goals, define the steps to get you there and provide seamless execution.


It is estimated that by 2025, 32% of workers will be employed remotely or virtually while another 25% will work multiple "gigs" as part-time consultants. With the majority of professional service firm leadership nearing the age of retirement, succession planning and a focus on recruiting retaining top talent are critical. Part of what will help you attract the best talent and keep them at your organization is having all the tools they need to achieve their goals and do their job easier. Salesforce is answering the call for many professional services organizations.

” Working with the Sikich team, I must say I was very impressed at how responsive, consultative, and proactive in communicating with us, as well as really candid, when they anticipated any sort or roadblocks. And, if so, they absolutely worked swiftly to ensure that our implementation stayed on track and we didn’t run into any issues.”   

– Ian Carlson, Director of Revenue Operations, Accusoft

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