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Process Manufacturing Software

Results-driven process manufacturing that maintains your customer focus

Achieving the magic triangle of innovation, productivity, and compliance

In process manufacturing, digital technology picks up when your sophisticated production equipment and control devices reach their limits. The right process manufacturing software makes it easier to meet customer needs with an optimal balance of flexibility and efficiency, creating the formulas you want to test and produce within a solid compliance framework.

Enablement at any stage of your process manufacturing business

Process manufacturers engaging with Sikich have increased production throughput, cut production delays, done away with costly errors and inefficiencies, and boosted the performance of their machinery and industrial assets. Sikich process manufacturing teams put to work our extensive industry expertise together with the better-than-ever foundation of Microsoft Dynamics 365 and its ERP and CRM capabilities. We work with you to connect and automate processes and data flows throughout your operation and supply-chain relationships.

We collaborate with you to implement, configure, integrate, and run your process manufacturing software environment, and make sure it truly meets your company’s specific business needs. We’re here for you all day long and as long as you’re in business.

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Creating real business outcomes from your processes and innovation

  • Achieve a more reliable inventory with tighter controls during production recording.
  • Easily manage inventory using a robust, multi-site warehousing system.
  • Assign quality control tests for incoming raw materials and prevent usage in production until quality control gives a green light.
  • Make transaction processing simple and accurate by integrating barcode scanners with warehouse management systems (WMS).
  • Effortlessly maintain multiple formula versions and easily elevate a version for production while archiving older ones.
  • Easily search formulas based on an unlimited number of company-defined attributes.
  • Enable security functions to limit which users can view, modify, and approve formulas.
  • Quickly view realtime costs when formulas are updated.
  • Effectively manage the complete cost of formulas to include labor and overhead as well as planned cost increases of raw materials.
  • Quickly and accurately perform mass component maintenance in formulas.
  • Gain the visibility to compare project trials and convert them to a formula by cataloging R&D projects.
  • Identify standard quality-control tests and values for individual formulas.
  • View historical quality-control values by formula production.
  • Use material resource planning (MRP) to dynamically create purchase and production orders driven by sales orders and forecasts.
  • View and modify schedule by day, week, or month, through the production calendar.
  • Dynamically create purchase order requisitions from each MRP run.
  • Analyze batch yields quickly by formula, process cell, date, or user.
  • Schedule production batch material requirements to account for anticipated formula yield.
  • Account for production of by-products when batch production is recorded.
  • Quickly and easily record production information.
  • Reduce administration time by using lot trace recall, tracking items in the system from purchase, through production, to sales orders.
  • Easily create regulatory documents such as allergen statements, SARA 313 reports, in compliance with harmonized system of classification and labeling of chemicals (GHS) practices.
  • Produce comprehensive, accurate safety data sheets.
  • Simplify the process of maintaining and updating compliance documents by using a common template.
  • Perform flexible quality control based on multiple batch steps or incoming materials.
  • Quickly generate certificates of analysis from a batch record or sales order.
  • Extend quality control sample testing to specific machinery or various steps within batch production


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