Human Capital management & Payroll Consulting

Supporting your people, process and technology across the full spectrum of human capital management and payroll services.

HCM Technology

Selecting, implementing, and managing an efficient and effective HCM technology solution can quickly become a daunting task, worsened by the multitude of vendor choices, the size of your budget, regulatory requirements, and all the resources necessary to effectively manage your employee information.


Payroll Advisory

Payroll is continuously changing: from compliance issues, managing data, and related policies to internal and external processes, collective bargaining agreements, and unique payment arrangements. There are thousands of payroll tax jurisdictions in the U.S. alone, and you may find it challenging to keep up with the changes.


HR Advisory

Because your organization is distinct, so are your needs. It’s important to the success of your organization that your HR goals align with your business strategy. This will not only strengthen your internal HR processes—from strategy and planning to workforce compliance and talent acquisition—but your company as a whole.


Talent Acquisition Solutions

Providing all-encompassing talent acquisition solutions, we offer both traditional recruitment services and talent acquisition consulting, elevating organizations’ capabilities to attract, hire and retain top talent.


Recruitment Marketing Services

Maximize the value of your recruitment marketing solution with Sikich’s recruitment marketing services.


Workforce Risk Management

Providing a continuum of support in addressing violence prevention across the full and changing spectrum of behavioral risks.


Customized Solutions

Your people reflect your organization’s core competencies and its culture. It is crucial to hire and retain the right talent, develop all employees and maintain compliance for your organization. At its core, HCM ensures your organization is successful in delivering effective HR and payroll services to your employee population, as well as developing and maintaining the critical back-end functions of your payroll and HCM technology solutions. 

Sikich, through the acquisition of Executive Alliance, has been providing HR and payroll consulting services for over 25 years. Our clients utilize a broad spectrum of services and products to help them improve performance and achieve long-term, strategic goals. We assist companies in improving their HR and payroll functions and selecting and deploying appropriate technologies to drive business results. We offer technology evaluation and implementation, payroll functional improvement and broad HR consulting services. Our areas of expertise include planning, evaluation, selection, implementation, staffing, management and compliance. 



An effective HCM consultant blends in and helps your organization focus on strengthening and streamlining your core business processes. At Sikich, our people provide your team with on demand, custom solutions structured to meet your needs and help your organization cover the functions of your operation that you often don’t have time to handle—but require one or more consultants’ undivided attention. 

Questions to consider

Is your HR and Payroll technology meeting your organizations needs?

Are your HR and Payroll operations running effectively and efficiently?

Do you have checks and balances to ensure full legal payroll and HR compliance?

Do you have the correct HR and Payroll staff in place?