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Every opportunity to integrate proactive violence prevention into the culture and climate of an organization is a step toward greater readiness and resiliency in supporting violence-free workplaces.

Whether it’s an urgent threat concern, a standalone priority or a holistic-system initiative, we help organizations realize their full potential in violence prevention and threat management. Our flexible and responsive framework allows us to step in with expert advisory when and where clients need support across the breadth of our Workforce Risk Management services.

We are a service line built on a true passion for the work of protecting others.

The Workforce Risk Management team is proudly led by seasoned workforce risk management experts with decades of experience in hands-on support focused on protecting people and organizations. The collective experiences and insights of our team, combined with a hand-picked set of strategic partners, allows us to collaborate on solutions across the full and changing spectrum of behavioral risk.


Create or reengineer a workplace violence prevention program in alignment with your policies, protocols and capabilities. We help with WVP Needs Assessments, Workforce Perception Surveys, WVP Policy and Program Development and Establishment of Internal Threat Management Teams

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Empower your workforce with ongoing training and awareness initiatives to advance a culture of safety and respect. Our training services include: WVP Fundamentals for the Entire Workforce, Compliant with California SB553 Legislation, WVP Training for People Leaders, Threat Management Team Training, Active Assailant Response Training, De-escalation Training and Media Training

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Ensure you have immediate access to external threat experts in the event emerging or urgent risks extend beyond your internal capabilities. Services include: On-Demand Violence Risk and Threat Case Consultation, Behavioral Threat Assessment, Open Source Intelligence and Threat Case Management Support

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  • Are you aware of any concerning incidents that should have been reported but weren’t and why?
  • Do your employees understand the full spectrum of concerning behaviors that should be reported?
  • Are you in compliance with Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM) guidelines on workplace violence prevention?
  • Are managers and supervisors trained in methods of de-escalating concerning behaviors?
  • Does your organization have an internal multi-disciplinary threat assessment and management team to advise leadership on concerning or emerging threats from external sources as well as from employees?
  • Has your organization established trusted relationships with threat assessment professionals, law enforcement and legal counsel who can assist during the process of assessment and incident management?