CRM and ERP Services

CRM and ERP Services


Staying with a vintage ERP solution puts your business at risk.

By the time you decide that it’s time to make a switch, the shortcomings of the legacy software may already have contributed to losses in terms of brand value, customer and partner loyalty, revenue, operational expenses, employee burnout, process inefficiencies, and competitive standing

Is it time to modernize your ERP system? Don’t go it alone. Work with Sikich to chart the path forward. We learn about your goals, ambitions, and challenges, so we can ensure that ERP fits the direction of your company.

When you collaborate with us, you lower your risk, by drawing on our experience helping hundreds of clients in a variety of industries.


If your legacy ERP system helped you run and grow the company until now, you must have done a stellar job in managing it and keeping it current with upgrades and patches. Other businesses faltered where you succeeded. If you waited this long to leave your legacy software behind, your timing is great.

Modern, cloud-based ERP has never been more flexible and powerful. Cloud ERP is more configurable and versatile than on-premise ERP, allowing you to revise data flows and processes quickly. You can change resource allocations on the fly, scaling up and down as the business demands.

Jeff Maurer
Jeff Maurer - VP/CIO, Planar Systems Inc.

“Sikich helped us tremendously. They had the credibility and knowledge to streamline our processes moving from a legacy system. We came in under budget and on-time, that doesn’t happen often.” 

10 best arguments

for erp in the cloud

Modern ERP in the cloud provides the system of record and the business infrastructure that companies need to control their direction and manage their processes and assets. But it goes beyond that. Cloud ERP is:

1. Strategic

More time for your IT managers to focus on business critical matters knowing that your ERP system is being taken care of.

2. Intelligent

Get the right numbers that will provide guidance and insight for your decision making.

3. Agile

Cloud ERP can accommodate any number and complexity of transactions, customers, user communities, products, distribution mechanisms, and business entities.

4. Transformative

Your goals and ambitions for digital business find powerful support in cloud ERP and the new or emerging technologies that surround and enhance it.

5. Customer-Ready

No matter how many accounts, transactions, and contracts you generate, modern cloud ERP can support omni-channel sales on one consolidated platform. It can deliver a productive, consistent experience across all devices customers use.

6. Productive

Employees anywhere can get to cloud ERP capabilities and information from their smartphones, tablets, laptops, and desktops.

7. Secure

Leading cloud providers make it their mission to deliver ERP capabilities and data in the most secure environment possible.

8. Connected

The cloud is perfect for the secure sharing of digital resources and collaborations with your customers, contractors, and partners anywhere.

9. Transparent

From regulatory compliance to investors or analysts, you can offer current, reliable information from any area of the operation.

10. Economical

Instead of purchasing servers, storage, and networking hardware, you can invest in innovation and skills that help you thrive in a digital era.

Are you ready for ERP Modernization?

Modernizing ERP in a well-planned move. When it’s time to say good-bye to your vintage ERP and hello to modern cloud ERP, get in touch with Sikich. We will help you make an efficient, smooth transition to powerful, transformative technology. Contract with Sikich to perform a business process review.We analyze the specifics of your operation so we can understand how your business really works. Then we make recommendation regarding process changes and ERP updates.