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Our Sfa-seasoned professionals provide the most Title IV audits in the nation

As Student Financial Assistance (SFA) processing and compliance grow increasingly complex each year, the guidelines Title IV organizations must meet can quickly become confusing. Sikich is a nationwide leader in providing Title IV audits and various consulting services to private, for-profit and not-for-profit post-secondary schools and colleges, community colleges, and universities.

We specialize in auditing and consulting higher education institutions to maintain compliance with the U.S. Department of Education’s annual audit requirements, student financial assistance audits (Title IV) and other governmental regulatory requirements.

Title IV Services to meet your business needs

Title IV Audits

The Code of Federal Regulations requires annual financial and compliance audits of Title IV programs for all institutions that participate. Our specific services include:

  • Student Financial Aid compliance audits
  • Financial statement audits

Title IV Consulting

Due to depth of expertise, Sikich provides additional services outside the scope of the audit. Our dedicated compliance team can be a turnkey solution to a large project or file review that an institution is required to perform. Services include:

  • Title IV records internal review: verification, cash management, reporting compliance
  • Return to Title IV internal control review
  • Review of compliance with the U.S. Department of Educations’ composite score requirements
  • Assistance with agreed upon procedure attestations resulting from program reviews or final audit determination letters, accreditation and state requirements
  • Due diligence on:
    • Change of ownership
    • 90/10
    • Financial and regulatory requirements for Department of Education and respective accrediting bodies

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Expert Audit Solutions from Sikich

Audits are often sought to meet financial reporting requirements, but they provide much more than that. Audit procedures and the process itself can help organizations assess risk, uncover internal management issues, and provide insights and information that can be used to address business challenges and direct future plans.

Sikich’s audit services and assurance solutions provide the information you and your stakeholders need. Contact us to learn more about our services and solutions and how they can help your business position itself for success.