Salesforce for The Insurance Industry

It’s vital for companies in the insurance industry to be able to engage with customers in an intelligent, integrated, and personalized manner. If you cannot in your insurance business, then you’re losing potential growth. It’s time to talk to Sikich about Salesforce.


Do you have the capabilities to engage with your customers in an intelligent, integrated and personalized manner? If you answered no, you are losing opportunities to grow your business and it’s time to talk. Sikich has a tremendous amount of experience in deploying Salesforce to Insurance agencies, brokers, MGAs, Carriers, Third Party Administrators, and more. Each of you have unique needs regarding the information that you want to track and manage. Our qualified professionals understand these nuances and work to ensure that our clients get the system customizations that are reflective of their business needs. With the InsurTech industry slated for a 43% Compound Annual Growth Rate between 2019 and 2025, Sikich is well positioned to be a leading consulting partner in this space.   

For instance, most Insurance Agencies need require a system that allows them to market and sell to both prospective and existing customers. In addition, they need an Agency Management System (AMS) that allows them to service their customers and manage their respective policies. Many of these agencies still rely on outdated Agency Management Systems from companies like Vertafore, Applied Systems, and other industry AMS providers that have little to no integration capabilities with Customer Relationship Management systems (CRM) or third-party applications. For this reason, many agencies run sales operations on one system, while performing agency management on traditional AMS. Therefore Sikich is a proud partner of Veruna, a new Agency Management System built native on the Salesforce platform. Since Veruna is built on Salesforce, it not only provides full traditional AMS functionality, but it also harnesses the marketing and sales power of CRM and provides access to a robust ecosystem of third-party applications. In fact, Sikich is no passive partner with Veruna. Members of our team co-founded and were heavily involved in the development of Veruna, thus having in-depth knowledge of the technology and extensive experience with the business requirements of an insurance agency.

This is why we developed HEADSTART for the Insurance Industry, a pre-configured Salesforce solution customized to exactly what insurance companies need.

Case Study: Stratos Wealth Partners

With Salesforce and Sikich, Stratos was able to streamline operations and empowers client advisors. Learn how Stratos partnered with Sikich to deploy a smart, intelligent system that helps them with their clients.

Case Study: Keystone Insurers Group

Learn how Keystone found the efficiencies and enhancements they were looking for with the help of Sikich’s industry experience. 

HEADSTART for Insurance with Salesforce

With the Sikich HEADSTART for Insurance SOFTWARE Solution, You can:

Improve marketing automation.

Set activity and sales goals that are focused on new business and track against those goals.

Improve critical backend processes.

Improve client experience.

Integrate Salesforce with your policy management systems.

Salesforce Certifications

“The insurance application you developed will go a long way helping our new insurance producers track their numbers and help them grow as insurance agents.”

– Diane Masterson, PaceSetter Regional Sales Manager, State Auto Insurance Companies

HOW sikich headSTART for Salesforce can help your insurance Organization is known to be flexible, customizable and packed with features needed for modern leaders to adapt to the fast-paced business landscape. It can scale from a few people up to enterprise levels, but you need someone who can guide that process with a history of successful technology implementations.

That’s why choosing a partner is the most critical step in the process of adopting a new platform or continuing to support your efforts. When you find the right fit of partner and platform, you help reduce your risks and put your plans on solid ground for the future ahead.

Manage the Recruitment and Onboarding of New Agencies and Producers

Insurance Carriers that work with the Independent Insurance Agency distribution model often need the ability to leverage CRM to help manage the recruitment and onboarding of new agencies and producers. And while recruiting is a key to growth, profitable production is the usually the ultimate goal. At Sikich, we have extensive experience in customizing Salesforce for Insurance Carriers to manage the onboarding of producers and integrate with underwriting platforms to bring in performance data that can be measured and reported on using the powerhouse capabilities of Salesforce analytics.  By customizing Salesforce, Carriers can have the ability to identify trends in production activities such as submission “hit ratios” and “bind ratios,” as well as roll ups of policy counts, premiums, claims data and other key underwriting production activities. Insights such as these allow them to have their field team spend their time wisely and focus on marketing to the independent agents that can help propel their business.  

Gain Efficiencies, Boost Productivity, and View Agents at Every Angle

Managing General Agencies (MGAs) also have unique use cases, which Sikich is also experienced in providing Salesforce customizations for. Much like a retail agency, MGAs need the ability to have a system that manages their full business cycle from marketing and sales, agency appointment, to the submission, clearance, underwriting and quoting processes including endorsements, claims, and renewal management. Managing all these various business processes directly in Salesforce creates more efficiencies, boosts productivity, and provides a full 360-degree view of their agents. In addition, like insurance carriers, MGAs that integrate production data into their Salesforce environment gain the additional benefit of analyzing agency productivity right in Salesforce, allowing them to focus their marketing and stewardship efforts on the right Agencies.

Market to your Existing Customer Base

Many Insurance agencies want the ability to market to their existing customer base. A customer may have their auto insurance with your agency but not their home, umbrella, and the like. With the ability to segment your customers, you can have a marketing automation system send messages to customers educating them on additional services that you have to offer. When you set up these campaigns, the system can automatically act on the next step based on the action previously taken. For example, if you send an email about home and umbrella insurance and the customer clicks on the umbrella link, you can set the system up to automatically send that customer the next email in 7 days with more information about how umbrella policies work. Work smarter, not harder.

Performance Data and Analytics

Perhaps you are an insurance carrier that performs with an independent distribution model. If you fall in that category you know all too well the critical need to properly manage the recruitment and onboarding of agencies and/or individual agents. Enter Salesforce. While recruiting is key to growth, so is production. Salesforce is used by many insurance carriers to bring in performance data so that it can be measured and analyzed. Need to identify trends as to which agencies and/or agents submit a lot of applications but don’t write much business? Are you confident your field team is spending their time efficiently to grow your business? Stop investing time where you don’t see a return. Sikich and Salesforce have you covered for all this and more.

why sikich HeadStart for insurance?

Sikich’s HEADSTART methodology ensures predictable, repeatable deployment success and a short time-to-benefits with a preconfigured set of industry-best practices. Addressing much of the complexity, difficulty, and risk of deploying new business applications, HEADSTART leverages over 25 years of successful Salesforce and CRM deployments for insurance companies and MGAs.

“The Sikich team provided tremendous value by helping us define our business requirements, work through data clean-up/migration efforts, and by building out a solid foundation for Coverys business development efforts, submission tracking and agency management. More so, they enabled an enhanced data visibility/security model, provided in depth training and tailored a solution for our team to evaluate (effectively) how to strategically grow the Salesforce application to support marketing, risk management, agency operations, and claims operations moving forward.”

– James Campbell, Director – Business Development Operations , Coverys

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