Keystone Insurers Salesforce Case Study

An insurance company wanted to make enhancements to their Salesforce environment. They called on Sikich because of our expertise.

Keystone Insurers Group (Keystone) started in 1983 when four independent insurance agencies teamed up to pool their experience and expertise. Determined and scrappy in the face of a challenging market, this small group believed that agencies could be stronger and more successful if they linked arms. Today, that passion and spirit that started Keystone continues. Growing to almost 300 independent agency partners, Keystone provides its agents with a community of like-minded agencies, industry expertise, and access to specialized products for their clients.

As Keystone focuses on the future, they continue to look for opportunities to improve their business, remain competitive, and optimize With the flexibility that has, they have yet to break the ceiling of its capabilities and learn new ways to leverage the tools available to them.

“Everyone at Sikich has been very responsive, personable and easy to work with. I would highly recommend Sikich to any insurance carrier or agency that is looking for a long-term Salesforce partner.”

– Bob Scullin, CTO, Keystone Insurers Group


The insurance industry is experiencing a revolution. Leading insurers are leveraging innovations in digital, data, and cloud technologies to drive profitable growth, distinctive customer engagement, agent productivity, and innovative new business models.

Keystone’s goal was to leverage the Salesforce software fully. They wanted to be confident their system could configure to sell more, be more efficient, and serve their customers better. By enhancing their platform, they took the manual work away from their agents so they could focus on selling and building long-lasting professional relationships with their clients.


  • Manual entry, error prone data, and duplicated efforts
  • Minimal reliable reporting or business metrics
  • Limited staff engagement and solution adoption
  • Lack of dimensional accounting functionality


It’s really important that insurance agency network companies think not about how they will do business today, but how they will do it tomorrow. Sikich provided Keystone the tools needed to identify new prospects and whitespace opportunities.

Salesforce Platform Enhancements included:

  • Simplify document capture, so it is trackable and reportable across 2 lines: P&C and Benefits
  • Visibility and control over the onboarding process through powerful reports and dashboards
  • Design recommendations for commission splits and ROI tracking
  • Ongoing Sikich support of Salesforce design best practices


  • Get a clearer picture of performance for smarter decision making
  • Easily manage even the most complex, global consolidations
  • Meet regulatory requirements with robust workflow and auditing capabilities
  • Automate tasks to reduce the administrative burden
  • Use document versioning, storage, and management for multiple carriers and policies


From the beginning, Sikich made it a priority to form a strong business relationship with Keystone, making it clear Sikich values the relationship over the partnership. Sikich understands that insurance plays a critical role in our lives, and excellent customer experience can enhance the process. Therefore, Sikich needed to improve the Keystone Salesforce environment to give employees, agents, and customers the right information, when and where they need it.
Bob Scullin explained, “Sikich’s expertise in the insurance industry was evident and critical in making this project successful. Sikich came highly recommended to use by a business partner as we were looking for a firm that is equally skilled at, Salesforce Communities, and insurance expertise.” He added that Sikich “helped enhance our existing Salesforce environment and built our Salesforce Partner Community to drive adoption with our agencies.”

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