As marketing channels proliferate and buyers are pulled in different directions, break through this clutter with distinct key messaging and a sharp value proposition. While marketing is central to your growth efforts, knowing where to focus resources to support your most important business goals can be challenging.

Fortunately, that’s where The Agency at Sikich comes in. Our team of creatives, artists, project managers and hardcore coders draw on deep marketing experience across industries. We help clients construct multifaceted yet cohesive programs that build brand awareness, drive interest in products and services, and engage customers and prospects.

Marketing Consulting & Planning

Our marketing program development starts with planning. We ask our clients to put everything on the table – the good, the bad and the ugly. Then, together we probe through all aspects of your historical marketing efforts, such as:

  • Past efforts to drive awareness and generate leads
  • Successful and low-performing campaigns
  • Assets maintained by the organization
  • In-house subject-matter expertise
  • Business goals and marketing KPIs

Next, our senior marketers scour through your digital analytics (website, social media channels, search performance, etc.) to gain intel about customer behavior, trends and opportunities. This analysis informs our strategy when building marketing programs that span channels and helps us ensure activities work in concert.

Marketing efforts are only successful when they are responsive to your evolving business goals and changes in the marketplace. Continuous review, measurement and refinement help ensure your marketing programs are agile and successful.

Message Development

Why should customers be clamoring to get their hands on your products? Why should reporters listen to your subject-matter experts? We help businesses answer these questions by crafting compelling messages that demonstrate why your organization – and its products and services – are different.

Brand messages should anchor all marketing activities, from promotional collateral to social media content to media interview talking points. Organizations that use well-crafted messages across a variety of channels generate awareness in the minds of customers and prospects, strengthen their brands and warm up prospective customers.

The Agency at Sikich can help develop and refine your marketing messaging and customize content for different audiences and channels that lean on these central messages.

Product Launches

Whether you are introducing an AI-powered tool for life sciences companies, a new consumer product that promises to make parents’ lives easier, or an expansion in your legal services offerings, a product launch is a great opportunity to build visibility and engage with customers and prospects. However, organizations have a limited opportunity to grab buyers’ attention. As a result, they must plan thoroughly and creatively to drive conversations and generate interest.

In a crowded marketplace, it’s critical to unveil new products and services in memorable, engaging ways. We help our clients strategize around their product and service launches, and then execute. These efforts include:

  • Preparing attention-grabbing digital and print collateral
  • Building engaging and user-friendly landing pages
  • Developing creative media pitching strategies
  • Planning memorable launch events

Personal Branding

Personal brand building, or building the profiles of your people, is essential in many B2B industries such as consulting or law. After all, buyers won’t engage with you if they don’t view you as a subject-matter expert and proven practitioner in their space. Becoming a known expert takes a strategic plan and a consistent effort to actively engage on social media platforms, write high-value thought leadership content, build relationships with key reporters, speak at prominent conferences, and more.

We work with subject-matter experts at all levels – from CEOs to rising stars in their first management role – to help them build their profiles. Our team is mindful of supporting your key leaders in a way that’s natural for them and in line with your company’s brand. We ramp up our understanding of different industries and quickly become conversant with technical topics. We then translate subject-matter experts’ technical knowledge into compelling material for a variety of channels, coach them on LinkedIn engagement strategies, secure speaking engagements, and guide them on how to engage successfully with reporters.