Social media helps companies find and stay in front of customers. It boosts brand awareness, supports sales and lead generation efforts, and enables customer loyalty. But to maximize the value of a social media effort, companies need a clear strategy, a consistent voice, and an active presence. The Agency at Sikich can help. With a process rooted in analytics, our team of experts can support everything from content development to community management to social advertising to help you educate, inspire and converse with your key audiences.

Content Strategy & Development

To connect with your customers and prospects, you need to go where they are. And one of the best places (if not the best place) to find them is on social media. The Agency at Sikich helps you craft a strategy to make the most of your social media presence, including:

  • Identifying which platforms will help you most effectively reach your audience.
  • Auditing your channels to improve your presence.
  • Determining the ideal cadence of posts to maximize engagement.
  • Developing promotional, educational and inspirational content that resonates with your audience.

Then, we track everything – from how many people see your posts, to how they engage with them – to measure success and fine-tune your content and approach

Community Management

Social media is a two-way conversation. In addition to consistent posting, organizations must interact with their audience and participate in meaningful conversations through comments and messages. The Agency at Sikich helps you keep track of and reply to what’s happening on your own channels – whether it’s answering a question in the comments or building brand loyalty through direct message conversations. We also conduct social listening to identify the conversations your brand should chime in on.

Social Advertising

Social advertising is a great way to reach future potential customers with relevant messages.

The Agency at Sikich’s social advertising process includes:

  • Identifying the target audience and messaging for a campaign.
  • Building out an audience profile to reach your target market.
  • Developing captivating content to attract attention and drive results.
  • Continuous measurement and optimization.

Influencer Marketing

Build brand advocates and connect with your audience through paid and in-kind partnerships. Working with influencers allows your brand to reach highly engaged audiences and acquire quality user-generated content that drives results.

Creating an effective influencer marketing program can be challenging. It involves careful research to find the best partners and a smart strategy to ensure content is aligned with your brand. From industry experts on LinkedIn to celebrities who share products on Instagram, we’ll work with you to identify influencers who can authentically represent your company. Then, we’ll manage the process to ensure the influencers create meaningful content tailored to the most appropriate channels.