Having a strong and cohesive brand is essential for businesses looking to establish a unique, definitive and recognizable presence in the marketplace. The Agency at Sikich provides strategically-focused creative services to give your company the visual clout to stand out from your competitors and communicate effectively with your audience. Our branding and identity, photo and video and print and design capabilities will help to boost your brand awareness and make clear your company’s unique features, advantages and benefits.

Branding & Identity

Having a strong and cohesive brand helps to establish a unique identity and differentiate your company from your competitors. The Agency at Sikich team is comprised of experienced experts who develop thoughtful branding strategies that communicate your values, mission, and vision, and help you stand out in the marketplace. Consistency in branding and identity design across all touchpoints, including marketing materials, your website and your social media channels reinforces your company’s message and creates a unified, memorable brand experience for customers.

At The Agency at Sikich, a branding and identity package includes everything from the development of a logo to color scheme, typography and other visual elements. As part of our process, we gather information about the industry you serve, your target audience, competitors, list of services, company positioning, differentiators, and value proposition. We work with you to get a full view of your business, so that we can create an impactful brand that communicates effectively with your audience and propels your business forward.

Photography & Video

Convey your company’s message, values and brand identity in a visually compelling way with photography and video. From bold and compelling brand videos that explain a complex process to drone footage featuring your office or manufacturing space, our photography and video team helps you showcase your brand in lasting ways. The Agency at Sikich understands that having high-quality, professional video and photography can be a powerful tool for building brand awareness and engaging with customers.

Graphic & Print Design

Well-designed visual materials help you effectively convey messages and make it easier for customers to understand your products, services and values. Impactful graphics and design can engage customers and help establish your business as professional and trustworthy. The Agency‘s design professionals create cohesive materials that command attention from your target audience. These materials include informative and eye-catching brochures, graphics for your tradeshow booth, dynamic presentations and much more.