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Strategy & Consulting

We provide thoughtful and strategic direction for your marketing success.


The cornerstone of a robust business strategy is an insightful, effective and cost-efficient marketing strategy. To form powerful marketing strategies, Sikich works closely with you to understand your business objectives, market environment and internal capabilities. We identify target market drivers to determine the appropriate channels, message, pricing and other factors to reach customers and influence desired behavior. We then carefully craft messaging strategies that resonate with your target audience and can assist in driving results. Ultimately, you get the building blocks for your brand as well as a roadmap detailing the fastest route to influencing your customers.


Having built businesses ourselves, we recognize the important role strategy plays in achieving your goals. It’s the foundation on which all of your marketing communications are built, so we’ve assembled a team comprised of some of the leading minds in the industry to give you the insights, analysis and big picture thinking your brand needs to succeed. Let us help you..

  • Know Your Audience
    Gain a deeper understanding of your target market segments from our research.

  • Align Your Identity
    Get a well-crafted brand and message from us capable of compelling people to act.

  • Plan Your Tactics
    Make informed decisions based on our extensive long-and short-term marketing plans.

  • Execute Your Plan
    Optimize tactical performance from design to distribution with our expert guidance.

  • Measure Your ROI
    Leverage our transparent evaluation to help guide future decisions.

The first step to building the right strategy is assembling the right strategic team. Sikich offers industry expertise and entrepreneurial leadership that is second to none. Contact us today and let us set you on a course for success.

Customized to fit your business needs

Let Sikich help you accelerate your marketing strategy, from utilizing best practices to creating new and innovative concepts. Whether you’re a new business trying to discover your overall marketing strategy or an established company looking for guidance on one or multiple projects, Sikich will ensure your efforts are customized to the audience and are appropriate for the specific campaign.

By helping you reach the right people with the right message, Sikich helps you optimize all of your marketing initiatives and shows you the clearest path to success.


Contact us today and put our industry expertise to work for you.

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