Photography & Video

Photography & Video

Captivate viewers with bold photography and compelling corporate videos.


Photography and videography does more than grab attention – it helps tell your story in a way words simply can’t. The Photography and Video team at Sikich are creative and digital storytellers, capturing images that make lasting impressions on your audience. From putting a drone in the air to partnering with professionals all over the world, we use the latest tools and technology to showcase your brand in memorable and surprising ways. But that’s just half the story. Our editors are master craftsmen, adding their years of experience and unique perspectives to every project. The end result is a complete story that encapsulates your brand and captivates your audience.

Get a definitive blueprint that will help capture customers and achieve your goals.

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Create an irresistible brand with powerful messaging and a dynamic visual identity.

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Make communications that get noticed, from brochures to collateral to advertisements and beyond.

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Inspire customers to take action with intuitive website designs that turn visitors into leads.

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Captivate customers with memorable imagery and eye-catching motion graphics.

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Maximize brand awareness through targeted campaigns and content that inspires action.

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Recent Works

Sikich has the industry expertise and proven track record to help you reach your target audience with a persuasive brand that has staying power.


Behold the power of the picture. Capturing and selecting the best imagery for your company’s communications, whether it’s photography or videography, allows the intended audience to quickly connect with your brand. And when they make a connection, they are more apt to like what your company represents and, ultimately, to become a loyal customer.


It takes countless projects, and billions of pixels to master the art of photography. The Sikich team has years of experience, and has helped create campaigns that have stood the test of time. Get some of the top talent in the industry on your team.

Use eye-catching imagery to command your audience’s attention with the help of Sikich’s photography services:

  • On-site and studio photography
  • Individual headshots
  • Team portraits
  • Product photography
  • Environmental photography
  • Interior, exterior and aerial photography


One of the most powerful pieces of marketing communications at your disposal is video. Both SEO-friendly and useful across multiple platforms, video allows you to create stories that connect with your audience in a more personal way. Whether you need videos for your employees or customers, ensure you deliver the right message to your audience by leveraging the industry expertise and years of professional experience of the Sikich team.

Sikich can help your company’s marketing efforts with a variety of video projects:

  • Testimonials
  • Interviews
  • Commercials
  • Corporate profiles
  • Snippets for websites and social media
  • Infomercials
  • Training and product videos
  • Tradeshow kiosks and sales


Photography and Video are two of the most critical elements of your marketing communications mix. Sikich provides the industry expertise and proven track record to deliver top quality results time and time again. No matter the size of your business or the size of your project, you will get the industry’s top talent creating memorable imagery that moves the needle in your marketing efforts. You’ll find our team committed, collaborative, and full of curiosity about your business. Finding innovative and inspiring ways to capture the essence of your business is what makes Sikich stand out in the industry.


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