Private Client Tax

Private Client Tax

Individuals deal with taxes every year, but the degree to which you plan ahead can significantly affect your tax liability.


Paying income taxes is a certainty in life, but you can manage the process better by having appropriate plans in place. Whether your personal tax challenge is cash flow planning, long-term wealth, or financial planning, it’s important for you and your family to have short- and long-term financial goals. In order to reach those goals, you need a comprehensive plan designed around your specific tax situation. Flexible tax strategies and customized plans from Sikich’s personal tax consultants help high-wealth individuals minimize their tax exposure and position themselves for financial success. Our consultants coordinate all aspects of your overall financial plan and individual tax strategy for comprehensive solutions that help you meet your goals. Any tax advisor can plug your numbers into a system and generate a one-size fits all tax plan. But those systems can’t provide you with creative, comprehensive consulting and planning advice based on your unique needs and goals. At Sikich, we take into consideration all of your specific financial, personal, and economic variables, then we work to create a plan that is tailored to the current and future needs of you and your family.

Reduce your federal tax burden by taking full advantage of tax deductions, credits, and planning strategies.

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Manage state and local tax challenges by working with a tax professional who monitors laws and regulations that affect you.

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Count on expert advisement for well-planned, cross-border tax strategies that positively impact your bottom line.

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Meet your short- and long-term objectives with a comprehensive financial plan designed just for you.

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Understanding what credits are available and what it takes to qualify can ease your tax burden and help with your company’s cash-flow.

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Individual income taxes can be a complicated maze of ever-changing rules making it harder than ever to maximize financial growth and minimize tax burdens. Any new development has the potential to create confusion or add a level of complexity to your taxes that can dramatically affect your financial situation.

Our personal tax consultants help ensure that you are taking full advantage of the tax deductions, credits, and planning strategies available to you. From developing and implementing year-round income tax planning strategies, to tax return preparation, and representation to tax authorities, keep your financial strategies intact by working with Sikich’s tax consultants.


Tax preparation
Tax minimization strategies
Tax projections
Multi-state and local tax reporting
Estimated tax compliance and planning
Foreign tax compliance and reporting
Estate, trust, gift tax, generation-skipping transfer and private foundation tax compliance
Audit Representation
AMT planning and considerations


You work too hard to pay more tax every year than the law requires or worse to pay almost ½ of what’s left to the government for estate tax! With a little planning and foresight, our professionals in the Estate, Gift, and Trust area can help you ensure that your friends, family, and even charities – and not the IRS – receive everything that you intended them to. Whether your goal is to minimize estate and gift taxes, address succession planning issues, or maximize the income and estate tax advantages of charitable giving, estate planning is essential to securing a thriving future. We know it’s a difficult subject to talk about, but families that do not have an adequate estate plan in place can experience financial devastation. Preserve your hard-earned assets and protect your family for generations to come by walking through the estate planning process with a Sikich professional. You will receive a comprehensive, personalized plan that will allow you to make educated decisions about the future of your estate – a benefit that will keep your family secure for years. Your plan may include:
  • Strategies to structure your estate to minimize estate and gift taxes
  • Advice on the proper use of trusts
  • Individual plans for funding college education or retirement
  • An estimation of the value of your business for estate tax purposes
  • A business succession plan
  • Cash flow projections
  • Recommendations on transferring wealth among family members
  • A tax-advantaged charitable giving structure


As a business owner, you likely face a number of daily challenges, but what about your company’s future? How will you set the company up for continued success? It’s a delicate topic, but succession planning is vital to the continued success of your company. Without having a succession plan in place, your business is at risk of losing everything that you worked so hard to achieve. Think about the following questions:
  • Are you considering retiring in the near future?
  • Do you wonder how you will groom a successor?
  • Is passing your company on to your children unlikely?
  • Does succession planning seem overwhelming, and have you even begun preparing?
If you answered Yes to any of those questions, it’s time to contact Sikich. Passing your business on may be the biggest financial event of your life – so don’t wait. Commit to succession planning and let Sikich do the work for you. You will receive a customized road map that will help you to maximize the amount of money received during a sale or transfer and minimize taxes at the same time.


Discover flexible tax strategies and create a customized, achievable plan with the personal tax consultants at Sikich and rest easy knowing that all aspects of your overall financial plan and individual tax strategy will be successfully coordinated.

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