Salesforce for Wealth Management

Salesforce for Wealth Management

Wealth management options are not hard to come by. Personal relationships are key to maintaining a competitive edge and growing your business. How does Salesforce fit in? Salesforce Financial Services Cloud enables every advisor to have a 360-degree view of their client as well as the ability to use powerful analytics tools. No matter your size, your team of advisors can deliver intelligent, customized, and proactive advice.


Just as important as the right solution is the right partner. Having implemented the Salesforce Wealth Management Template for years, Sikich is now implementing the Financial Services Cloud (FSC) for Wealth Management and Banking clients. We bring the benefit of knowledge and experience of over 60 wealth management firm implementations on FSC and are leveraging several commonalities amongst the firms that we have implemented.  In response to these needs, we have developed our own FSC Accelerator, which is a pre-built application we offer as part of our service. The Accelerator, now deployed with every new implementation, provides a faster time to value for our clients and offers functionality such as pre-built automation/business processes, enhanced access to data across the various tabs, updates to certain objects, and more. Many of our clients have been able to use the Accelerator as industry best practices. Although it can require more discussion regarding the deployment, it extends the value above and beyond what you will realize with FSC alone. 

Case Study: Stratos Wealth Partners

With Salesforce and Sikich, Stratos was able to streamline operations and empowers client advisors. Learn how Stratos partnered with Sikich to deploy a smart, intelligent system that helps them with their clients.

Serving the Wealth Management Industry

“We sincerely appreciate your responsiveness and the way you conduct business. We are happy to recommend Sikich to others because of our satisfaction with your services.”

– Kerr Tigrett IronHorse Capital

HOW Salesforce Financial Services Cloud can help your Wealth Management Organization

Grow Client Relationships

New growth in client relationships means new growth in the success of your business. Salesforce FSC was specifically designed to give your advisory team more time to focus on the heart of their business - serving client’s needs and fostering relationships. Relationships will be as critical now as ever. Map client relationship networks across your business and empower your advisors with an extraordinary network of new growth opportunities.

Increase Productivity

There has never been a better time to work smarter, not harder. With Salesforce, you gain new capabilities to manage multiple clients while keeping track of their financial goals and life events. You can efficiently provide personalized insights and advice that will keep your business moving and growing with loyal clients.

Integrate with Applications that Meet Unique Requirements

For many of our clients, we have integrated with third party applications to bring in the financial account data on a scheduled basis. While many of these applications are pre-built to integrate with FSC, we have also built custom integration with custodial systems and aggregators to support the unique requirements of the client.

There are several third-party applications, such as form generation systems and enhanced workflow applications that support the day to day needs of the FSC users.  At Sikich we work with our clients to understand their current environment as well as their business and technology requirements before recommending systems.  Having worked for over 400 Wealth Management firms, we have a lot of expertise in how other Wealth Management organizations run their business. We have helped them, and we are here to help you too.

“We had a very complex data migration coming from ProTracker. They took the time to really understand the data from this previous system. It was a time consuming and difficult task and it was done very well.”

– Teresa J.W. Bailey, CFP, EVP, Pickler Wealth Advisors

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