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The high-tech industry is fast-moving. You have to be ready for continuous change and innovation. If you don’t keep up, you will be left in the dust of your competitor’s success. It’s critical to enable your team to drive profitable growth and distinctive customer engagement. Day in and out, we help leading high-tech businesses leverage innovations in digital, data, and cloud technologies to automate forecasting, lead assignment, contract generation, quoting, invoicing and more. When you work with Sikich you not only get a seasoned Salesforce implementer, you get the strategic edge with access to end-to-end business and technology consulting experts.

Does your team have complete visibility into your sales process and overall customer footprint? Can your sales team seamlessly build quotes, obtain an online signature and hand off the information to finance to invoice? If you answered no, then it’s time to talk. Customer experience, and employee experience, are two drivers that heavily impact the success of your business. Sikich works with high-tech companies to utilize our deep experience and expertise to drive transformation internally and externally. We enable companies just like yours to grow a client base that can’t say enough good things about you and a workforce that doesn’t want to leave because they have everything they need to succeed.


With Salesforce and Sikich, high-tech company Accusoft almost immediately improved relations between operations functions and business users, because they are able to turn around requested changes really, really quickly.

“The views and the reports and the dashboards in Salesforce are an absolute game changer. I’m really surprised actually at how quickly we’re seeing some significant changes in our business as a result of moving to Salesforce.”

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“We really felt understood by the Sikich team. We felt like they understood not just of Salesforce, but also our business and the challenges that we were facing. And we felt like the team that we would be going to battle with had such a variety of skills and expertise, and it never felt like it was going to be a transactional relationship. It felt very much like a strategic relationship and that we were working with individuals who would understand our business and help us through the life cycle of the implementation.”

Megan Brooks, Chief Revenue Officer


HOW SALESFORCE CAN HELP YOUR HIGH-TECH ORGANIZATION is known to be flexible, customizable and packed with features needed for modern leaders to adapt to the fast-paced business landscape. It can scale from a few people up to enterprise levels, but you need someone who can guide that process with a history of successful technology implementations.

That’s why choosing a partner is the most critical step in the process of adopting a new platform or continuing to support your efforts. When you find the right fit of partner and platform, you help reduce your risks and put your plans on solid ground for the future ahead


Whether you are investigating Salesforce and the potential ways to leverage it at your organization or you’ve already made the commitment to utilize Salesforce to take your business to the next level, this eBook contains insight to help reach your goals.

“Working with the Sikich team, I must say I was very impressed at how responsive, consultative, proactive in communicating with us, as well as really candid, when they anticipated any sort of roadblocks. And, if so, they absolutely worked swiftly to ensure that our implementation stayed on track and we didn’t run into any issues.”

Ian Carlson, Director of Revenue Operations