How to Optimize Salesforce and Maximize Your ROI


a guide to optimize salesforce and maximize your roi

Whether you are investigating Salesforce and the potential ways to leverage it at your organization or you’ve already made the commitment to utilize Salesforce to take your business to the next level, this eBook contains insight to help reach your goals. In collaboration with our team that serves you with over 15 years of Salesforce experience, we cover a variety of topics highlighted below.

Any choice you make in life, you hope it’s the right one. When it comes to business, it’s essential to make the best decisions for success.


Slack offers a variety of features and thousands of different app integrations. With Slack Connect, it extends that idea even further so people can come inside your walls now just like they would in real life, if you will. There’s about three quarters of a million companies right now, using Slack every day.

To quote the SVP for Slack at Salesforce, Rob Seaman, “Salesforce wants Slack to be the primary engagement tool for their users and not just their users, but their communication, workflows and processes.” It brings connection to a single platform across customers, employees, and partners. So really if nothing else, it brings a single point, a single place to communicate and engage across whoever may be using Salesforce in your company.

This video will take you into a brief deep dive to learn some fact versus fiction when it comes to Slack and Salesforce. You’ll also learn some insights to the two tools and how they help improve businesses like yours.


Let’s get right to it! Workforce Engagement enables the conditions necessary for workers to do their best, most efficient work. By intelligently forecasting workforce demand and capacity planning and equipping agents with in moment on-demand training, organizations can advance and streamline their service goals while improving the experience of customers.
When it comes to organizations that provide services, your strategy has to encompass how you intelligently forecast what that demand is going to be and how many people you are going to need to be able to provide the training for those people. For some businesses, like a cell center, where there is typically high turnover this could be a big business challenge. From intelligent, AI-driven demand forecasting and omni-channel capacity planning to human-centric agent scheduling and on-demand agent training from anywhere, Salesforce Workforce Engagement can be an important solution for your business.


It’s being reported that $1.6T is lost every year in the U.S. because of poor customer service. (Accenture Strategy)1 and 74% of consumers are at least somewhat likely to buy based on experiences alone. (Forbes / Arm Treasure Data)2. Those are some significant numbers that can really impact your bottom line!
Salesforce Service Cloud is helping businesses stay at the forefront of the client experience game. Leverage Salesforce capabilities to meet rising expectations, including:

  • Case Management
  • Knowledge Management
  • Omni-Channel Contact Center
  • Unified Agent Experience
  • Feedback/Surveys
  • Phone System Integration


It can be used to route leads to sales, create and track automated marketing campaigns, analyze prospect activity and engagement, and guide prospects through the buying journey.
If you’ve been around the marketing automation block, you know all solutions are not created equally. It can take a lot of time and energy to map out what you need and compare solutions. You’ve come to the right place to get a brief introduction to Salesforce Pardot! Here are a few questions that should be top of mind:

  • What makes Pardot such a powerful automation tool?
  • How does Pardot help marketing teams build campaigns?
  • What kind of insight does Pardot give marketers?
  • How does a business know if this solution is right for their business?


It enables sales organizations to automate and optimize the creation of quotes and the capture of orders. This will allow sales teams to have a standardized streamlined quoting process helping them to sell, resell and upsell more efficiently.
Imagine taking a redundant, error prone proposal creation process and replacing it with standardization for pricing, discounts, and quotes. How much time could you save? How much quicker could you close deals? How much revenue could you add to your pipeline?
Here is a video that gives insights on critical CPQ information to empower your sales team to reach your business goals and beyond. You will learn:

  • Clear warning signs it’s time to find a better way
  • Considerations that should be top of mind
  • Benefits that give a competitive advantage


This requires easy access to the data and tools you need from any device and any place in the world. Along the transformation journey it’s common to encounter challenges of siloed tools and solutions.
When looking at ERP and CRM solutions integrating, it enhances the company’s experience and the client’s experience in many ways. How the organization performs on a daily basis can really transform the company and organization as a whole when you get your ERP and CRM systems connected and passing data back and forth.
Watch this video for a conversation about seven transformations you can achieve when you integrate your business systems and some of the concerns that may come to the surface along the way.

  • Give clients ownership
  • Be available to clients across channels
  • Create value from information
  • Accelerate workflows
  • Enable proactivity
  • Minimize busy work


90% of customers expect an “immediate” response to their support questions (10 minutes or less)1. And that’s just scratching the surface of client expectations.
The right customer engagement tools can help you understand your customers and their experiences across the entire customer journey. They can also empower your employees and your organization with the tools and insights to elevate these experiences and help your company stand out among your competitors.
As a client, when you’re dealing with a company, you want to have speed and trust. You want to believe the information provided to you is correct with value to you but also in a quick fashion. That client isn’t worried about what you’re using on the back end, they want to ensure they’ll be taken care of quickly and trust that it’s done correctly.
With tools like Pardot and Experience Cloud, Salesforce is bringing solution optimization with a positive ROI and growing client base. Watch this video to gain insights about digital transformation, marketing automation, and delivering the optimal client experience!


It is a solution that unifies service and systems into a user-friendly interface that you can access from mobile work from home or right at the office. Think of Salesforce Service Cloud as your communication hub to your customers.
For those not familiar with the solution, several questions are likely in the forefront of your mind. We have the answers to the following:

  • What is included in Salesforce Service Cloud?
  • What is it used for?
  • What is the difference between Sales Cloud and Service Cloud?
  • What role does this solution play in scalable growth?
  • How does Service Cloud rank in the aspect of Customer 360?
  • What are some of the features you see organizations use the most?


From being more productive and making decisions faster (and a lot in between), it is critical that you achieve a positive ROI from your technology investments.

According to The Voice of the Salesforce Financial Services Customer Survey1 those who implement Service Cloud see:

  • A 41% increase in client satisfaction (A very important element to be a successful business today)
  • 36% faster integration
  • 37% increase in advisor productivity
  • 40% faster decision-making

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