Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation

Help your business move forward with tools and processes available today

Digital transformation done right can make the difference between moving your business forward and standing still. Sikich consultants can help you perform a successful, profitable digital-transformation initiative that takes off from where you are today and gets you to your most ambitious goals.

digital transformation Clarity

Our Digital transformation engagements get your organization clear on where you want to be and how to get there with realistic expectations. Then, we help you make it happen.

Sikich has served companies across industries for decades by helping them choose, implement, and manage technology and adjust their processes and business models to achieve profitable, long-term growth. We’re passionate about your success.

A digital-transformation engagement with Sikich avoids hype and unreasonable expectations. Together with you, we design a digital-transformation strategy that is based on your organization’s unique value proposition, level of digital maturity, and objectives. We assist you in bringing all the stakeholders together and keep the effort on track with timely change management and meaningful benchmarking.

When you work with Sikich, digital transformation is practical and yields predictable results. We help you find the right risk level for your organization and its culture, so you can extend your horizon without jeopardizing the foundation of your business. When we implement new technologies, we often begin with a pilot under controlled conditions and fine-tune the approach before a rollout to the entire organization.

Digital Transformation: Explained

In 10 minutes, learn what digital transformation is and how it can be applied to an organization.

What Digital Transformation Should look Like

Don’t run the risk of a half-conceived or poorly executed Digital Transformation project. When planned properly, it can help you better serve customers, create an outstanding workforce, and outperform the competition. Unlike other strategies, it provides its own tools for fulfillment by making wise use of the best of technological innovation in a purposeful manner. Here are some things you need to make sure your project includes:

Delivers Value

Digital transformation applies digital technologies, expertise, and optimizations to your business. But it’s not a tech trend, nor do you end up doing the same things more efficiently. Instead, you transform how you work and deliver value.

Benefits People

Your customers, employees, trading partners, and the larger community. Your business evolves to empower, enrich, and help them. You provide them with experiences and resources that enable them to succeed and which enhance their relationships with you.

Your Goals in Focus

From day one of a digital transformation initiative, you should focus on tangible, measurable outcomes—not just potential or promises. You invest in technology and operational changes when they can help produce the results you want, not because they are great, new ideas.

Across Function, Role

IT should participate, but not own the effort. Stakeholders from the business groups need to make their voices heard and contribute their expertise. The most successful transformation projects happen when CEOs and other execs are on board and when people with a sound understanding of customers have a key role in decisions.

“We really were impressed with the technique and approach of where they focused on our organizations and on the solution to help us in the long term.”

Andy Herlihy, Executive Director

Harnessing Technology to Transform Goals

Start with the digital technologies and resources you already own

In our clients’ experience, ERP and CRM systems or standard productivity software can be transformative, if they are used strategically and deployed with a view toward the evolution of an organization. We help you advance foundational software like ERP, which may have for many years been used to manage transactions and business activities, to become systems of engagement instead of systems of record. They can serve the best possible customer experience and support your growth.

Start with the small changes and realize large results 

Any business that has customers, products, services, and suppliers generates masses of data every day. Data usually lives in multiple systems, and it can be difficult to access and work with. In a digital transformation initiative, Sikich consultants work with you to consolidate data sources, remove access hurdles, and build systems of intelligence that allow you to move the company forward. Transformational intelligence is role-specific, contextual, and flexible, so it can reach farther, faster than conventional reporting.

Find innovation areas

Many emerging, innovative technologies are rapidly becoming robust, standardized, and ready for productive, low-risk deployment. Sikich has helped clients benefit from artificial intelligence (AI), blockchain, and intelligent automation or robotic process automation (RPA) in integration with their existing systems, to fuel transformation. We also collaborate with our technology and industry partners to set standards and benchmarks to eliminate uncertainty from newer technologies and shorten the time between deployment and achieving measurable benefits.

Digital Transformation success ACROSS INDUSTRIES

Sikich works with large companies in a variety of industries to implement systems that will improve the bottom line and allow them to grow at an accelerated pace. Our many years of experience working on the entire range of technology products put us in the unique position to understand how the advanced features in many popular platforms can fit with the unique strengths of your organization.


The leader in exhibit marketing turned to Sikich to bring the powerful capabilities of Dynamics 365 to their organization. Their requirements needed a customized touch Sikich provided.


The premier bakery equipment manufacturer needed a partner that understood the complexities of a manufacturing business. With Sikich’s help, they’ve adopted Dynamics 365.


A leading supply chain and program management firm looks to maximize performance and optimize customer service.

Nail your Digital Transformation Project

Our team of experienced consultants has the end-to-end experience to assess the strategic fit between your vision, mission, and project execution.