Manufacturing Execution System

Manufacturing execution System

Power up your production with JUST MES

The Manufacturing Execution System (JUST MES) solution suite, which includes JUST PLM, JUST monitoring, and JUST planning, allows for full control and deep insight. In other words, just what you need.

With your manufacturing business, time is literally money. In order to keep productivity and profitability high and the competition in your dust, you need tools that provide relevant, real-time information, help you plan and schedule projects, and manage the entire product lifecycle. 

We have built a world-class MES suite that addresses your company’s unique needs. We speak your language and understand your business. So you don’t have to get your implementation up to speed on your business before getting to work on your solution.

When Line of Sight Actually means Line of Sight.

Lots of businesses these days say they need line of sight into their processes. And, to a certain extent, they do. But with your manufacturing business, you must have a predictable and reliable sightline into your operations in order to operate in your competitive markets. If you are running machines, they should be providing data to help you operate smarter, so you can make modifications on the fly. And line of sight into machines is only part of the equation. For optimal productivity, your business may also need planning/scheduling and product lifecycle management tools. Since these solutions are highly specialized, not every ERP partner can help you. In fact, few can.

Phifer, Inc.

“Innovation is whenever you realize you have technology that will help you get to that next level that you didn’t think you would ever be able to get to. 

3 reasons why our machine

monitoring system works for your business

Our Machine Monitoring System was built to track efficiency and maximize uptime on your factory floor in order to provide a consistent Human Machine Interface (HMI) for all machines on the shop floor. This empowers your production workers and simplifies your job by replacing manual data collection efforts with advanced, automated systems. Here is why Machine Monitoring System works for your business:

1. adaptable

Our Machine Monitoring System is flexible, and can adapt to your unique requirements. Competing systems are inflexible, changes may be impossible or require an extensive amount of time. Our solution factors in customer needs, unique system requirements, and specialized business processes.

2. Connected

Our highly-skilled factory specialists have advanced knowledge working to bring machines of different age, brand, and type online, helping you can gain valuable insight from your entire operation. If your installation calls for a new wireless network, wired cable drops, or significant retrofitting of older machines, we’ve got you covered. Other companies might send you parts and instructions, but we are hands-on. We do the work, and you stay productive.

3. Integrated

Our Machine Monitoring System is built to connect and integrate with the JUST Monitoring software platform. This integration provides greater visibility across your manufacturing shop floor and helps to improve your manufacturing operations. The JUST Monitoring system can be further integration into your other core business systems, such as ERP and PLM.

Need to put some distance between your business and your competition?

Your machine monitoring solution puts essential business data in your team’s hands, just in time. Improved sightlines help you spot and fix problem areas with complete precision and control. Real-time data allows unprecedented ability and to boost efficiency and create a faster, stronger, and smarter manufacturing facility.