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Reimagine Retail

Modern retail operations would be unimaginable without advanced technology platforms. Do your systems help you stay a head of the competition and delight your customers at the same time?

Retail in the 21st century requires you to be able to build your relationships with your customers and your suppliers simultaneously in cyberspace and the physical world. Access to the right analytics at the right time can mean the the difference be failure and success.

We work hard to combine the best from Microsoft, LS Retail, and our other technology partners along with deep expertise in industry best practices for retail. Let us help you take your retail operations to the next level!

LS Central = Unified Commerce

A fully unifed system is the key to being able to provide the actionable information at the right moment and in the right place.

LS Central ties together all of the important elements of modern commerce into one platform that is based on the solid technological foundation that Microsoft Dynamics provides.

Having the Point of Sale as well as the toolset for promotions and customer loyalty married together with a solid financial system and inventory management provides the important ability to extend reach across sales channels online. Accepting returns across channels, building customer loyalty, running promotions, using social media along side more traditional media. Personalizing and tailoring the experience of your customers.

LS Retail logo for the retail industry


The Sikich retail team is led by experts that are truly passionate about retail technology. Our team is always focused on providing our clients with the technological edge that they need to be successful in their operations. Our team has been at the forefront of Microsoft Dynamics based retail solutions for more than a decade.

We provide expertise across a variety of retail software solutions. We take pride in our clients’ success and always strive to bring the right technology mix together in our engagements.


Business Insights

The LS Insights product brings pre-configured business intelligence to the retailer. Retail and hospitality owners need to be nimble in spotting trends and responding rapidly. Capitalizing on Microsoft’s Power BI application, LS Central provides deep insights into the retail landscape. Setup can be as simple as setting up an account, allowing the data to populate, and then load the visualizations. 



Fashion and Apparel

Coupled with a competitive landscape, long manufacturing lead times, bi-annual buying cycles, complex size, color and style forecasting, omni-channel consumer expectations, in-store stock availability, and customer service challenges, it goes without saying that fashion retailers must be flexible and adaptable in order to thrive.

Specialty Retail

It does not matter if your retail business is in specialty grocery markets, electronics, duty free travel stores, pets, or furniture retail. The combination of a modern technology platform from Microsoft, a best of breed retail solution from LS Retail and the expertise of the Sikich Retail team can be what enables you to outpace the competition, grow your business, and delight your customers.

Dealerships, Fanstores

Most auto dealers, as well as any other kind of dealerships, would love to be able to leverage their brands better and build stronger customer loyalty. The need understand and serve their customers better is paramount in a world where the customers are better educated and typically network to make their purchase decisions.

Hospitality and Restaurants

LS Central is the only system that covers the retail and hospitality (restaurants and hotels) in one central code base. From the front counter to cash and purchasing to payments, the entire solution is provided in one place. Traditional retail solutions attempt to bridge together accounting systems in the back office, inventory control in another and finally a point of sale system to handle the sales processes. Additional integrations for credit card processing, internet interfacing and various other solutions are commonly part of the solution. Every one of these integrations is subject to daily monitoring, errors and mapping complexities. The LS Central system suffers from none of these complexities. With only one item record used across all system, a central accounting system used by all operations, and inventory controls built into the leading ERP platform for its market space, retailers can focus on strategic initiatives instead of monitoring and caring for technology.