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At Sikich, we are in the unique position to understand complex issues in the high-tech industry like supply chains, infrastructure, resource planning, data management, field service and digital security. Once we assess the situation, we architect solutions to solve those challenges based on decades of experience.


High-tech consumers can have tough expectations, that’s why we know how important it is to have systems, operations and platforms so you can focus on your product cycles.

We offer an array of business application products and services targeted to makers of software, hardware and devices that the world has come to depend on. We’ll help you gain full visibility into product costs, handle high volumes of transactions, and automate data exchanges across systems.


With challenges mounting for their aging, 13 year-old ERP system, Planar knew they needed to find a modern solution. When Planar contacted Sikich, they realized they weren’t getting a cookie cutter ERP implementation, they had a true partner that helped with business processes to fully utilize Microsoft Dynamics. With a deep bench of experts that understood the high-tech space, augmented with Microsoft resources, Sikich was able to complete the project on-time and under budget.


From product development to supply chain management and field service, your processes need to operate at peak efficiency. The business applications that support you in High Tech can’t get in your way.

Sikich Headstart Logo for Dyanamics 365 Preconfigurations

To ensure predictable, repeatable deployment success and a short time-to-benefits, we deliver a preconfigured set of industry best-practices.

The Headstart program represents more than 1500 operation parameters and over 500 business process model flow charts, all embedded into Microsoft Dynamics Lifecycle Services.

High Tech Power Pack

Access the apps created by us to use in Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations as well as Business Central. Standardize your integrations between Dynamics 365 and Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement. Finally, learn what vetted 3rd party solutions will work for your organization.

Custom Solution Design

If the templated solution doesn’t fit your highly specialized organization, we can still help you with transformative digital solutions. We’ll assess, build and deliver a best-in-class solution for you.

“From our stated goal, we came in under budget and on time. … [The ERP implementation] allows us, as a company, to be more nimble.”

Jeff Maurer, CIO – Planar Systems


The kind of solutions for each organization on the high-tech continuum can vary greatly, and at Sikich we understand the difference. Wherever our clients are on this spectrum, we have a solution that fits the way they do business.

At Sikich we consider the characteristics of the business in determining the best fit solutions, and our best practice templates and solution models map to how our clients operate.

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